Advances in 3D Bioprinting Front Cover

Advances in 3D Bioprinting

  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2023-08-09
  • ISBN-10: B0C958K482

“3D bioprinting” refers to processes in which an additive manufacturing approach is used to create devices for medical applications. This volume considers exciting applications for 3D bioprinting, including its use in manufacturing artificial tissues, surgical models, and orthopedic implants.

The book includes chapters from leaders in the field on 3D bioprinting of tissues and organs, biomedical applications of digital light processing, biomedical applications of nozzle-free pyro-electrohydrodynamic jet printing of buffer-free bioinks, additive manufacturing of surgical models, dental crowns, and orthopedic implants, 3D bioprinting of dry electrodes, and 3D bioprinting for regenerative medicine and disease modeling of the ocular surface.

This is an accessible reference for students and researchers on current 3D bioprinting technology, providing helpful information on the important applications of this technology. It will be a useful resource to students, researchers, and practitioners in the rapidly growing global 3D bioprinting community.

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