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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Interactive Applications

  • Length: 895 pages
  • Edition: 1st ed. 2018
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  • Publication Date: 2017-12-06
  • ISBN-10: 3319690957
  • ISBN-13: 9783319690957

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Interactive Applications: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent and Interactive Systems … in Intelligent Systems and Computing)

This book presents research papers from diverse areas on novel Intelligent Systems and Interactive Systems and Applications. It gathers selected research papers presented at the 2nd International Conference on Intelligent and Interactive Systems and Applications (IISA2017), which was held on June 17–18, 2017 in Beijing, China.

Interactive Intelligent Systems (IIS) are systems that interact with human beings, media or virtual agents in intelligent computing environments. The emergence of Big Data and the Internet of Things have now opened new opportunities in both academic and industrial research for the successful design and development of intelligent interactive systems. This book explores how novel interactive systems can be used to overcome various challenges and limitations previously encountered by human beings by combining machine learning algorithms and the analysis of recent trends.

The book presents 125 contributions, which have been categorized into seven sections, namely: i) Autonomous Systems; ii) Pattern Recognition and Vision Systems; iii) E-Enabled Systems; iv) Mobile Computing and Intelligent Networking; v) Internet and Cloud Computing; vi) Intelligent Systems, and vii) Various Applications. It not only offers readers extensive theoretical information on Intelligent and Interactive Systems, but also introduces them to various applications in different domains.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Prediction of Rolling Force Based on a Fusion of Extreme Learning Machine and Self Learning Model of Rolling Force
Chapter 2. User Behavior Profiles Establishment in Electric Power Industry
Chapter 3. The Optimal Pan for Baking Brownie
Chapter 4. Intelligent Steering Control Based the Mathematical Motion Models of Collision Avoidance for Fishing Vessel
Chapter 5. Dynamical Analysis of Fractional-Order Hyper-chaotic System
Chapter 6. Evaluating the Performance of the Logistics Parks: A State-of-the-Art Review
Chapter 7. A Tabu Search Algorithm for Loading Containers on Double-Stack Cars
Chapter 8. Optimization Model Under Grouping Batch for Prefabricated Components Production Cost
Chapter 9. Air Quality Evaluation System Based on Stacked Auto-Encoder
Chapter 10. Pattern Recognition and Vision Systems
Chapter 11. Urban-Rural Difference of the Coupling Between Social-Economic Development and Landscape Pattern in Chengdu Plain
Chapter 12. A New Model and Algorithm for Clustering
Chapter 13. Gibbs Phenomenon for Bi-orthogonal Wavelets
Chapter 14. a-Convergence Theory
Chapter 15. Feature Selection Optimization Based on Atomic Set and Genetic Algorithm in Software Product Line
Chapter 16. Product Configuration based on Feature Model
Chapter 17. Research on Fast Browsing for Massive Image
Chapter 18. RVM for Recognition of QRS Complexes in Electrocardiogram
Chapter 19. The Architecture of the RFID-Based Intelligent Parking System
Chapter 20. A Review of Cognitive Psychology Applied in Robotics
Chapter 21. Robot Vision Navigation Based on Improved ORB Algorithm
Chapter 22. An Improved Multi-label Relief Feature Selection Algorithm for Unbalanced Datasets
Chapter 23. Area Topic Model
Chapter 24. Predicting Popularity of Topic Based on Similarity Relation and Co-occurrence Relation
Chapter 25. A New Bayesian-Based Method for Privacy-Preserving Data Mining
Chapter 26. Gesture Recognition Algorithm Based on Fingerprint Detection
Chapter 27. Parka: A Parallel Implementation of BLAST with MapReduce
Chapter 28. Research of Moving Target Tracking Algorithms in Video Surveillance System
Chapter 29. Study on Tumble Behavior Recognition Based on Mining Algorithm for Potential Behavior Association
Chapter 30. Image Geometric Correction Based on Android Phone Sensors
Chapter 31. Fish-Eye Camera Model and Calibration Method
Chapter 32. Algorithm for Digital Location and Recognition of Digital Instrument in Complex Scenes
Chapter 33. The Visualization Analysis on Present Research Situation and Trend of Tackling Overcapacity of Energy
Chapter 34. Hybrid Algorithm for Prediction of Battlefield Rescue Capability of Brigade Medical Aid Station
Chapter 35. The Design of Optimal Synthesis Filter Bank and Receiver for the FBMC System
Chapter 36. A Tool for IMA System Configuration Verification and Case Study
Chapter 37. Using Deep ConvNet for Robust 1D Barcode Detection
Chapter 38. Study of Agricultural Machinery Operating System Based on Beidou Satellite Navigation System
Chapter 39. Detection Algorithm of Slow Radial Velocity Ship based on Non-Negative Matrix Factorization by Over-The-Horizon Radar
Chapter 40. A v-Twin Bounded Support Tensor Machine for Image Classification
Chapter 41. Super-resolution Reconstruction of Face Image Based on Convolution Network
Chapter 42. An Image Retrieval Algorithm Based on Semantic Self-Feedback Mechanism
Chapter 43. Using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms to Screen Down Syndrome and Identify the Critical Protein Factors
Chapter 44. A Multi-view Approach for Visual Exploration of Temporal Multi-dimensional Vehicle Experiment Data
Chapter 45. Impact Analysis of Geometry Parameters of Buoy on the Pitching Motion Mechanism and Power Response for Multi-section Wave Energy Converter
Chapter 46. Binary Tree Construction of Multiclass Pinball SVM Via Farthest Centroid Selection
Chapter 47. Research on Fractal Feature Extraction of Radar Signal Based on Wavelet Transform
Chapter 48. A Method of Moving Target Detection Based on Scaling Background
Chapter 49. Facial Expression Recognition Based on Deep Learning: A Survey
Chapter 50. A Fast Connected Components Analysis Algorithm for Object Extraction
Chapter 51. Bibliometrics and Visualization Analysis of Knowledge Map in Metallurgical Field
Chapter 52. Hierarchical Decision Tree Model for Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable Sensors
Chapter 53. Human Motion Monitoring Platform Based on Positional Relationship and Inertial Features
Chapter 54. Three-Order Computational Ghost Imaging and Its Inverse Algorithm
Chapter 55. Face Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network in Cross-Database Study
Chapter 56. E-Enabled Systems
Chapter 57. Stock Market Forecasting Using S-System Model
Chapter 58. Online Detection Approach to Auto Parts Internal Defect
Chapter 59. Globalized Translation Talent Training Model based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
Chapter 60. A Study on the Relationship between Enterprise Education and Training and Operational Performance—A Cases Study of a Multinational Group
Chapter 61. Online Handwritten Character Recognition of New Tai Lue Based on Online Random Forests
Chapter 62. Web Information Transfer Between Android Client and Server
Chapter 63. Real-time Dynamic Data Analysis Model Based on Wearable Smartband
Chapter 64. Investigation and Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Consumers’ Trust to Fresh Agricultural Products in E-commerce
Chapter 65. A PROUD Methodology for TOGAF Business Architecture Modeling
Chapter 66. Application of SVM Based on Information Entropy in Intrusion Detection
Chapter 67. Research of Music Recommendation System Based on User Behavior Analysis and Word2vec User Emotion Extraction
Chapter 68. Exploration of Information Security Education of University Students
Chapter 69. Mobile and Wireless Communication
Chapter 70. Research on the Path Monitoring Capability of Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network
Chapter 71. Preopen Set and Preclosed Set on Intuitive Fuzzy Topological Spaces
Chapter 72. Neural Network Method for Compressed Sensing
Chapter 73. A Survey on Microwave Surface Emissivity Retrieval Methods
Chapter 74. Design of Multi-mode Switching Damping Shock Absorber for Active Suspension and Ride Comfort Test
Chapter 75. Research on the System of Patrol Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Docking on Charging Pile based on Autonomous Identification and Tracking
Chapter 76. On Data Analysis in Forest Fire Induced Breakdown of the Transmission Line
Chapter 77. Ultrasonic Guided Wave Testing Method of Gun Barrel Crack Defects Based on L (0, 2) Mode
Chapter 78. Target Re-identification Based on Dictionary Learning
Chapter 79. Research on High Impedance Fault Detection Method of Distribution Network Based on S Transform
Chapter 80. Research on the Protocols of VPN
Chapter 81. Penetration Level Permission of Small Hydropower Station in Distributed Network
Chapter 82. Research on Smooth Switching Method of Micro-Grid Operation
Chapter 83. A New BDD Algorithm for Fault Tree Analysis
Chapter 84. A Sparse Nonlinear Signal Reconstruction Algorithm in the Wireless Sensor Network
Chapter 85. Chinese POS Tagging with Attention-Based Long Short-Term Memory Network
Chapter 86. A New Weighted Decision Making Method for Accurate Sound Source Localization
Chapter 87. The Efficiency Factors of Point-to-Point Wireless Energy Transfer System in a Closed Satellite Cavity
Chapter 88. Personalized POI Recommendation Model in LBSNs
Chapter 89. Verification of CAN-BUS Communication on Robots Based on xMAS
Chapter 90. Network Traffic Classification Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Chapter 91. Fault Analysis and Fault Diagnosis Method Review on Active Distribution Network
Chapter 92. Extensive Survey on Networked Wireless Control
Chapter 93. Internet and Cloud Computing
Chapter 94. Research and Design of Smart Home System Based on Cloud Computing
Chapter 95. Website Structure Optimization Based on BS Matrix
Chapter 96. The Effects of Bank Employees’ Information Security Awareness on Performance of Information Security Governance
Chapter 97. A Comparative Study on Agglomeration Effects of the Central Cities of Three Urban Agglomerations in China– A Case Study of Producer Services
Chapter 98. Intelligent Systems
Chapter 99. A Dynamic Node’s Trust Level Detection Scheme for Intelligent Transportation System
Chapter 100. An Application of Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Based on Crossover Limited
Chapter 101. A Method for Extracting Objects in Physics Using Unit Semantic Model
Chapter 102. A Novel Matching Technique for Two-Sided Paper Fragments Reassembly
Chapter 103. An Improved Memetic Algorithm with Novel Level Comparison for Constrained Optimization
Chapter 104. FPGA Based Real-Time Processing Architecture for Recurrent Neural Network
Chapter 105. Publication Recommendations of Manuscripts Using Improved C4.5 Decision Tree Algorithm
Chapter 106. Design Replica Consistency Maintenance Policy for the Oil and Gas Pipeline Clouding SCADA Multiple Data Centers Storage System
Chapter 107. SPSS-Based Research on Language Learning Strategy Use
Chapter 108. Study on Intelligent Monitoring of Power Transformer Based on FPGA
Chapter 109. Mutual Fund Performance Analysis Using Nature Inspired Optimization Techniques: A Critical Review
Chapter 110. Synthesis Algorithm based on the Pre-evaluation of Quantum Circuits for Linear Nearest Neighbor Architectures
Chapter 111. Study of an SIR Epidemic Disease Model with Special Nonlinear Incidence and Computer Simulation
Chapter 112. An Improvement Response Surface Method Based on Weighted Regression for Reliability Analysis
Chapter 113. The Greedy Algorithm and Its Performance Guarantees for Solving Maximization of Submodular Function
Chapter 114. Model of Evaluation on Quality
Chapter 115. Distributed Collaborative Control Model Based on Improved Contract Net
Chapter 116. K Distribution Clutter Modeling Based on Chebyshev Filter
Chapter 117. Influence of Liquid Film Thickness on Dynamic Property of Magnetic-Liquid Double Suspension Bearing
Chapter 118. Characteristics Analysis on Open-Type Liquid Hydrostatic Guideway with Unequal Area Oil Pocket
Chapter 119. Influence of Liquid Film Thickness on Static Property of Magnetic-Liquid Double Suspension Bearing
Chapter 120. The Research on the Thinking of Large Data for Agricultural Products Market Consumption in Beijing
Chapter 121. The Application of Decision Tree in Workflow
Chapter 122. Constructing and Analysis of the State Spaces of Workflow Process Models
Chapter 123. Analysis on the Causes of Bad PCBA
Chapter 124. Characteristics of Solder Paste and Reflow Process Analysis
Chapter 125. Design and Implementation of ARM7 Instruction Set Based on GDB Framework
Chapter 126. Simulation and Research on the Rotor Flux Linkage Model of Asynchronous Motor
Chapter 127. Application of Fuzzy PID Control for Oil Temperature in Overvoltage Withstand Test
Chapter 128. Study on High Overload Characteristics of Ultrasonic Electric Actuator
Chapter 129. Design and Analysis of Resonator for the Resonant Accelerometer
Chapter 130. Analysis on Quality and Safety of Toys for Children—Based on the Survey Data of Beijing

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