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Advances in Network-Based Information Systems

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  • Edition: 1st ed. 2018
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  • Publication Date: 2017-08-24
  • ISBN-10: 3319655205
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Advances in Network-Based Information Systems: The 20th International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems (NBiS-2017) (Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies)

This book highlights the latest research findings, innovative research results, methods and development techniques from both theoretical and practical perspectives related to the emerging areas of information networking and their applications. It includes the Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems (NBiS-2017), held on August 24–26, 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

Today’s networks and information systems are evolving rapidly. Further, there are dynamic new trends and applications in information networking such as wireless sensor networks, ad hoc networks, peer-to-peer systems, vehicular networks, opportunistic networks, grid and cloud computing, pervasive and ubiquitous computing, multimedia systems, security, multi-agent systems, high-speed networks, and web-based systems. These networks are expected to manage the increasing number of users, provide support for a range of services, guarantee the quality of service (QoS), and optimize their network resources. In turn, these demands are the source of various research issues and challenges that have to be overcome – and which these Proceeding address.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The 20 International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems (NBiS-2017)
Chapter 2. Performance Evaluation of WMNs by WMN-PSOSA Simulation System Considering Constriction and Linearly Decreasing Inertia Weight Methods
Chapter 3. A Fuzzy-Based Approach for Improving Team Collaboration in MobilePeerDroid Mobile System: Effects of Time Delay on Collaboration Work
Chapter 4. A Comparison Study of WLAN and WLAN Triage Systems Considering Throughput Parameter
Chapter 5. An Eco Algorithm for Dynamic Migration of Virtual Machines in a Server Cluster
Chapter 6. A Simple Energy-Aware Virtual Machine Migration Algorithm in a Server Cluster
Chapter 7. Evaluation of Flexible Synchronization Protocol to Prevent Illegal Information Flow in P2PPS Systems
Chapter 8. Energy-Efficient Role Ordering Scheduler
Chapter 9. A GA-Based Simulation System for WMNs: A Comparison Study for Different WMN Architectures Considering Exponential and Weibull Distributions, HWMP and TCP Protocols
Chapter 10. An Energy-Aware One-to-one Routing Protocol in Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
Chapter 11. Effect of Packet Error Rate on Selection of Actor Nodes in WSANs: A Comparison Study of Two Fuzzy-Based Systems
Chapter 12. Delay Tolerant Networking with Antenna Directional Controls with the Weight Function for the Multiple Vehicular Communication
Chapter 13. A Localization Free Variable Transmit Power Routing Protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 14. Security of Visual Captcha for Authentication Procedures
Chapter 15. Mobility Information Infrastructure in Challenged Network Environment Based on IoT Technology
Chapter 16. Energy Management in Residential Area using Genetic and Strawberry Algorithm
Chapter 17. Biogeography Based Optimization for Home Energy Management in Smart Grid
Chapter 18. Demand Side Management Using Strawberry Algorithm and Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm in Smart Grid
Chapter 19. Demand Side Management Using Meta-Heuristic Techniques and ToU in Smart Grid
Chapter 20. Home Energy Management Based on Harmony Search Algorithm and Crow Search Algorithm
Chapter 21. Meta-Heuristic and Nature Inspired Approaches for Home Energy Management
Chapter 22. Home Energy Management Using Social Spider and Bacterial Foraging Algorithm
Chapter 23. Home Energy Management Using HSA, FA, BFOA Algorithms in Smart Grids
Chapter 24. Comparison of BFA and EWA in Home Energy Management System Using RTP
Chapter 25. Data Collecting System Based on CCN with Congestion Avoidance Routing on WSN
Chapter 26. A Method for Vehicle Control at T-Junctions for the Diffusion Period of Autonomous Vehicles
Chapter 27. Mechanism for Adopting Device-to-Device Communication in Cellular Networks
Chapter 28. Optimal Transmission Range in Sleeping Wireless Networks
Chapter 29. Load Balancing in Wireless Mesh Networks Based on OpenFlow
Chapter 30. Directional Preference Collector Tree Protocol for Mobile Wireless Sensing
Chapter 31. Beyond Beacons – An Interactive Positioning and Tracking System Solely Based on BLE Mesh Network
Chapter 32. Development of a Monitoring System Based on Power Consumption
Chapter 33. A Study of Detecting Child Pornography on Smart Phone
Chapter 34. Computational Public Safety: The Evolution to Public Safety Research
Chapter 35. Load Experiments of the vDACS Scheme in Case of the 600 Connections
Chapter 36. QoS Aware Virtual Network Embedding in SDN-Based Metro Optical Network
Chapter 37. Verification of Data Collection Methods for Live Migration Protection Mechanism
Chapter 38. Evaluation and Improvement of Farmers Market Information System to Connect with Some Social Stakeholders
Chapter 39. Performance Evaluation of a Learning Logger System for Active Learning Using Smartphone
Chapter 40. Validation of 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Customer Satisfaction Estimation Using Videos
Chapter 41. Hybrid Learning Using Profit Sharing and Genetic Algorithm for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
Chapter 42. Resource Propagation Algorithm to Reinforce Knowledge Base in Linked Data
Chapter 43. Metadata Complement Method by Linked Open Data for Literature Search
Chapter 44. Neuro-Evolutionary Approach to Multi-objective Optimization in One-Player Mahjong
Chapter 45. Tor Fingerprinting: Tor Browser Can Mitigate Browser Fingerprinting?
Chapter 46. Study on Persuasion Effect of Computer VirusMeasures Based on Collective ProtectionMotivation Theory
Chapter 47. Empirical Evaluation of Rhythm-Based Authentication Method for Mobile Devices
Chapter 48. Slyware Prevention: Threat of Websites Inducing Accidental Taps and Countermeasures
Chapter 49. An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Comparison Protocol
Chapter 50. A k-nearest Neighbour Query Processing Strategy Using the mqr-tree
Chapter 51. Dynamic Resource Adaptation Method by Cooperative User Devices in Wireless Network
Chapter 52. A Method for Improving Cache Hit Ratio by Virtual Capacity Multiplication
Chapter 53. LEAS: A Load-Aware Energy-Efficient Adaptive Scheduling for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 54. GD-CAR: A Genetic Algorithm Based Dynamic Context Aware Routing Protocol for Opportunistic Networks
Chapter 55. The 12 International Workshop on Network-based Virtual Reality and Tele-existence (INVITE-2017)
Chapter 56. Implementation of a Community-Based Disaster Prevention Information System
Chapter 57. An Automatic Image Registration Method Using Downhill Simplex Method and Its Applications
Chapter 58. Multilingual Information Service Based on Combination of Smartphone and Digital Signage
Chapter 59. Ultra Definition Display Environment for Disaster Management GIS
Chapter 60. A Study on the Operation of Infrastructure Management System with Citizens’ Participation Using the ICT Technology
Chapter 61. Development and Evaluation of Operation Interface for Lesson Using Large-Scale Screen in Elementary and Secondary Education
Chapter 62. Implementation of Multimedia Contents for Supporting Different Types of Self-learning
Chapter 63. Development of Integrated Visual Analytic Tool with 3D Visualization
Chapter 64. The 11 International Workshop on Advanced Distributed and Parallel Network Applications (ADPNA-2017)
Chapter 65. Hybrid Replication Schemes of Processes in Energy-Efficient Server Clusters
Chapter 66. Gossip-Style Message Dissemination Based on Biconnected Components
Chapter 67. Energy Efficient Raft Consensus Algorithm
Chapter 68. Scalable Distributed Data Analysis on Structured P2P Network
Chapter 69. Risk Assessment for Privacy Protection of Information Literacy Beginners in Big Data Era
Chapter 70. Performance Evaluation of Peer–to–Peer Network Applications on Multiple Overlay Networks
Chapter 71. The 8 International Workshop on Heterogeneous Networking Environments and Technologies (HETNET-2017)
Chapter 72. Residential Area Power Management Using Genetic Algorithm and Biogeography Based Optimization in Smart Grid
Chapter 73. A Social Spider Optimization Based Home Energy Management System
Chapter 74. Collecting Data in Sensor Networks Using Homesick Lévy Walk
Chapter 75. Privacy Preservation for Trajectory Data Publishing and Heuristic Approach
Chapter 76. The 8 International Workshop on Intelligent Sensors and Smart Environments (ISSE-2017)
Chapter 77. A Transmission Method to Guarantee QoS Parameters in Wireless Sensor Network
Chapter 78. 3D Model Generation of Black Cattle Using Multiple RGB Cameras for Their BCS
Chapter 79. Load Scheduling Optimization Using Heuristic Techniques and Combined Price Signal
Chapter 80. Home Energy Managment System Using Meta-heuristic Techniques
Chapter 81. Improvement of Indoor Position Estimation of Open-Campus Event System Using BLE Beacon
Chapter 82. Development of Review Selection System Reflecting User Preference Using SVM
Chapter 83. The 8 International Workshop on Trustworthy Computing and Security (TwCSec-2017)
Chapter 84. Function Secret Sharing Using Fourier Basis
Chapter 85. Secure Non-transferable Proxy Re-encryption for Group Membership and Non-membership
Chapter 86. A Performance Evaluation of Data Storage Approach for High Availability and Confidentiality on Multi …
Chapter 87. Risk of Re-Identification Based on Euclidean Distance in Anonymized Data PWSCUP2015
Chapter 88. Highly Responsive Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks Detection by Using Real-Time Burst Detection Method
Chapter 89. Efficient Secure Arithmetic on Floating Point Numbers
Chapter 90. An Extension of (2, m(m+1)/2)-Threshold Secret Sharing Schemes
Chapter 91. High-Speed Forensic Technology Against Targeted Cyber Attacks (Extended Abstract)
Chapter 92. The 7 International Workshop on Information Networking and Wireless Communications (INWC-2017)
Chapter 93. A Modified Energy-Aware B.A.T.M.A.N Routing Protocol
Chapter 94. BER Comparison of Constant Envelope DCT and FFT Based OFDM with Phase Modulation
Chapter 95. Design of Microwave Circuit with Periodic Structure for Channel Switching by Carrier Frequency
Chapter 96. A Message Suppression Method for Inter-Vehicle Communications
Chapter 97. Demand Side Management Using Strawberry and Enhanced Differential Evolution Algorithms
Chapter 98. A Heuristic Scheduling Approach for Demand Side Energy Management
Chapter 99. The 6 International Workshop on Advances in Data Engineering and Mobile Computing (DEMoC-2017)
Chapter 100. Generating Manzai-Scenario Using Entity Mistake
Chapter 101. A k-anonymized Text Generation Method
Chapter 102. A System Design for Detecting Moving Objects in Capturing Video Images Using Laser Range Scanners
Chapter 103. Proposition of Division-Based Broadcasting System for Delivering Multiple Videos
Chapter 104. The 6 International Workshop on Web Services and Social Media (WSSM-2017)
Chapter 105. A Block-Based Structure Editor for the English Language
Chapter 106. A Web Application for Passengers to Watch Coming Buses in Rural Areas
Chapter 107. An HTML5 Implementation of Web-Com for Recording Chalk Annotations and Talk Voices onto Web Pages
Chapter 108. A Web-Based Visualization System for Interdisciplinary Research Using Japanese Local Political Corpus
Chapter 109. Text-Based Video Scene Segmentation: A Novel Method to Determine Shot Boundaries
Chapter 110. ELVIDS: Video Search System Prototype with a Three-Level Hierarchy Model
Chapter 111. Comparison of Typing Efficiency Between PC and Smartphone in the Case of Younger Generations
Chapter 112. Extracting Laboratory Front Pages from University Websites
Chapter 113. Activity Estimation Using Device Positions of Smartphone Users
Chapter 114. A Topic Trend on P2P Based Social Media
Chapter 115. A Method for Extracting Correct Links from Automatic Created Links on Folksonomy

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