All-in On AI: How Smart Companies Win Big with Artificial Intelligence Front Cover

All-in On AI: How Smart Companies Win Big with Artificial Intelligence


A fascinating look at the trailblazing companies using artificial intelligence to create new competitive advantage—from the author of the business classic Competing on Analytics and the head of Deloitte’s US AI practice.

Though most organizations are placing modest bets on artificial intelligence, there is a world-class group of “AI-fueled” companies that are going all-in on the technology and radically transforming their products, processes, strategy, customer relationships, culture, and talent.

Though these AI-fueled companies represent less than 1 percent of large companies, the stock prices of these firms averaged four times the performance of the S&P 500 over the last five years. They have better business models, make better decisions, have better relationships with customers, offer better products and services, and charge more-profitable prices.

Written by bestselling author Tom Davenport and Deloitte’s Nitin Mittal, All-In on AI looks at artificial intelligence at its most extreme—from established companies like Anthem, Ping An, Airbus, and Capital One. The book also features lessons from startups and tech firms, but the focus is on how existing firms can transform themselves.

Filled with insights, strategies, and best practices, All-In on AI also provides leaders and their teams with the insights to help their own companies become AI-fueled. This includes:

-How to adopt multiple “use cases” or applications to support a wide variety of business goals and objectives
-How to deploy AI tools systematically across every core business process and enterprise operation
-How to drive new offerings and business models with AI and data-driven decision-making
-How to increase organization-wide fluency in AI
-What AI leadership really means

If you’re curious about the next phase in artificial intelligence inside companies or looking to adopt this powerful technology in a more robust way, All-In on AI offers a rare, inside look at what the leading adopters are doing, while providing the tools to put AI at the core of everything you do.

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