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An Insider’s Guide to Cloud Computing


Many cloud computing initiatives flat-out fail; others limp along, functioning tolerably without ever delivering what they promised. An Insider’s Guide to Cloud Computing reveals why and shows how to do better. Cloud pioneer and long-time CTO David Linthicum explodes the industry’s secrets and presents practical ways to optimize cloud for value and performance.

Linthicum takes a hard look at aggressively marketed technologies such as cloud-based AI, containers, no-code, serverless computing, and multicloud. He illuminates what works, what absolutely does not work, and how to manage the difficult cost-complexity tradeoffs presented by many offerings. You’ll learn why some workloads and datasets still don’t belong on the cloud, and even discover “game changer” technology that has actually been undersold.

Linthicum’s seen it all: the tricks providers play to make their numbers at customers’ expense…realities whispered about in conference rooms and spilled over drinks at conferences…facts and techniques you simply must know to deliver value-optimized solutions.

An Insider’s Guide to Cloud Computing is for every technical and business decision-maker responsible for evaluating, planning, implementing, operating, or optimizing cloud systems. It offers exceptional value to professionals ranging from solution architects to cloud engineers, CTOs to enterprise consultants, or those just getting started on their cloud computing journey.

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