Artificial Intelligence: A Systems Approach Front Cover

Artificial Intelligence: A Systems Approach


This book offers students and AI programmers a new perspective on the study of artificial intelligence concepts. The essential topics and theory of AI are presented, but it also includes practical information on data input & reduction as well as data output (i.e., algorithm usage). Because traditional AI concepts such as pattern recognition, numerical optimization and data mining are now simply types of algorithms, a different approach is needed. This sensor / algorithm / effecter approach grounds the algorithms with an environment, helps students and AI practitioners to better understand them, and subsequently, how to apply them. The book has numerous up to date applications in game programming, intelligent agents, neural networks, artificial immune systems, and more. A CD-ROM with simulations, code, and figures accompanies the book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The History of AI
Chapter 2 Uninformed Search
Chapter 3 Informed Search
Chapter 4 AI and Games
Chapter 5 Knowledge Representation
Chapter 6 Machine Learning
Chapter 7 Evolutionary Computation
Chapter 8 Neural Networks I
Chapter 9 Neural Networks II
Chapter 10 Robotics and AI
Chapter 11 Intelligent Agents
Chapter 12 Biologically Inspired and Hybrid Models
Chapter 13 The Languages of AI

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