Beginning Flash, Flex, and AIR Development for Mobile Devices Front Cover

Beginning Flash, Flex, and AIR Development for Mobile Devices

  • Length: 400 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2011-10-25
  • ISBN-10: 0470948159
  • ISBN-13: 9780470948156
  • Sales Rank: #3947603 (See Top 100 Books)

Easily create cross-platform, native applications for mobile devices using Flash

Adobe Flash allows you to develop the rich, creative, interactive media experiences for the web. This easy-to-follow guide covers everything you need to know to create rich mobile applications using Flash. Packed with examples, this book shows you how to build both Web-embedded Flash and packaged AIR application for mobile devices. You?ll discover how Web-based Flash applications are able to run across multiple platforms, ranging from mobile devices to televisions to PCs. Plus, hands-on instructions detail how to leverage the unique hardware and software features that are available to each various device and platform.

  • Serves an ideal starting point for learning to create rich, interactive applications for mobile devices
  • Includes hands-on examples that demonstrate how to best use the variety of hardware and software features
  • Escorts you through mobile app concept to completion with sample code and step-by-step instructions
  • Discusses such topics as building AIR applications for Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian devices; enabling multitouch; developing for multiple screen sizes; maintaining app data; and much more

Start building Flash apps for mobile devices today with Beginning Flash Development for Mobile Devices.

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