Body Structures and Functions, 13th Edition Front Cover

Body Structures and Functions, 13th Edition


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Combining cutting-edge coverage with a clear and concise presentation, BODY STRUCTURES AND FUNCTION, 13E introduces you to the basics required for the study of the human body and how it functions. It offers a general introduction to life functions, the medical terminology, and phonetic pronunciation of terms used to describe body parts and their locations as well as a thorough overall review of human development and body processes. Diseases and disorders are integrated within each body system chapter to link physiology with anatomy. Career profiles give you an inside look at the many health care professions available today. In addition, end-of-chapter questions and case studies give you a realistic view of situations you will face in the health care field, while highlights and features that emphasize clinical applications make learning fun and engaging.

Table of Contents

Ch 1: Introduction to the Structural Units
Ch 2: Chemistry of Living Things
Ch 3: Cells
Ch 4: Tissues and Membranes
Ch 5: Integumentary System
Ch 6: Skeletal System
Ch 7: Muscular System
Ch 8: Central Nervous System
Ch 9: Peripheral and Autonomic Nervous System
Ch 10: Special Senses
Ch 11: Endocrine System
Ch 12: Blood
Ch 13: Heart
Ch 14: Circulation and Blood Vessels
Ch 15: The Lymphatic and Immune Systems
Ch 16: Infection Control and Standard Precautions
Ch 17: Respiratory System
Ch 18: Digestive System
Ch 19: Nutrition
Ch 20: Urinary System
Ch 21: Reproductive System
Ch 22: Genetics and Genetically Linked Diseases
Appendix A: Metric Conversion Tables
Appendix B: The Scientific Method

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