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Build Your Own Neural Network Today!


Build Your Own Neural Network Today!: With step by step instructions showing you how to build them faster than you imagined possible using R

About This Book

This rich, fascinating, accessible hands on guide, puts neural networks firmly into the hands of the practitioner. It reveals how they work, and takes you under the hood with an easy to follow process showing you how to build them faster than you imagined possible using the powerful, free R predictive analytics package. Everything you need to get started is contained within this book. It is your detailed, practical, tactical hands on guide. To accelerate your success, it contains exercises with fully worked solutions also provided. Once you have mastered the process, it will be easy for you to translate your knowledge into other powerful applications.

A book for everyone interested in machine learning, predictive analytics, neural networks and decision science. Here is what it can do for you:

  • SAVE TIME: Imagine having at your fingertips easy access to the very best neural network models without getting bogged down in mathematical details. In this book, you’ll learn fast effective ways to build powerful neural network models easily using R.
  • LEARN EASILY: Build Your Own Neural Network TODAY! Contains an easy to follow process showing you how to build the most successful neural networks used for learning from data; use this guide and build them easily and quickly.
  • BOOST PRODUCTIVITY: Bestselling author and data scientist Dr. N.D. Lewis will show you how to build neural network models in less time than you ever imagined possible! Even if you’re a busy professional, a student or hobbyist with little time, you will rapidly enhance your knowledge.
  • EFFORTLESS SUCCESS: By spending as little as 10 minutes a day working through the dozens of real world examples, illustrations, practitioner tips and notes, you’ll be able to make giant leaps forward in your knowledge, broaden your skill-set and generate new ideas for your own personal use.
  • ELIMINATE ANXIETY: Forget trying to master every single mathematical detail, instead your goal is to simply to follow the process using real data that only takes about 5 to 15 minutes to complete. Within this process is a series of actions by which the neural network model is explained and constructed. All you have to do is follow the process. It is your checklist for use and reuse.For people interested in statistics, machine learning, data analysis, data mining, and future hands-on practitioners seeking a career in the field, it sets a strong foundation, delivers the prerequisite knowledge, and whets your appetite for more.

Here are some of the neural network models you will build:

  • Multi layer Perceptrons
  • Probabilistic Neural Networks
  • Generalized Regression Neural Networks
  • Recurrent Neural NetworksBuy the book today. Your next big breakthrough using neural networks is only a page away!

Table of Contents

Part I Multi-Layer Perceptron
Chapter 1: MLP in a Nutshell
Chapter 2: Building a Single Layer MLP
Chapter 3: Building MLPs With More Than One Layer
Chapter 4: Using Multiple Models

Part II Probabilistic Neural Network
Chapter 5: Understanding PNNs
Chapter 6: Classification Using a PNN

Part III Generalized Regression Network
Chapter 7: The GRNN Model
Chapter 8: Regression Using GRNNs

Part IV Recurrent Neural Networks
Chapter 9: Elman Neural Networks
Chapter 10: Building Elman Networks
Chapter 11: Jordan Neural Networks
Chapter 12: Modeling with Jordan Networks

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