Building Real World PHP Applications: PHP HTMl Mysql Practical Course for Beginners Front Cover

Building Real World PHP Applications: PHP HTMl Mysql Practical Course for Beginners

  • Length: 208 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2021-03-07
  • ISBN-10: B08Y98JN4T

A practical guide to web programming.

What will you find in this book?

A practical step by step guide for creating web applications

Knowledge of HTML

The really useful TAGs for creating web pages

Knowing and using PHP language

The main functions of PHP and how to use them in practice

Understanding databases and how to use MySQL

Create your first database with MySQL, through concrete examples

Create a website to display products

Put your knowledge into practice by creating a real website step by step.

Create a Back Office area for product management

How to create and manage a truly functional Back Office area.

Download all the website and back office code!

Use the web application code immediately, modify it and use it for your works.

Some topics covered

=) HTML tags with particular focus on HTML forms

=) Using PHP in practice.

=) Use MySQL database.

=) Creation of a website to display products.

=) Creation of a Back Office area for the management of categories and products.

=) Interactions with MySQL database.

=) Main PHP functions.

=) The SQL calls you need most.

=) All code ready to use.

=) Create your first web application.

Who is this book for

A practical guide to web programming with PHP HTML and MySQL.

For beginners or for those who want to improve their use of the language.

By creating a real web application, you will learn how to use HTML and PHP.

For those who want to start programming

Understand how to use HTML and PHP and start programming now!

For those who already know PHP

Learn the secrets from those who have been using PHP for over 20 years

For those who want to understand how web applications work
By creating a real web app

For those who don’t have time to waste

Little theory, a lot of practice, and above all code that you can reuse

The Author

Andrea Raimondi has been a PHP Programmer for over 20 years . Over the years he has created all kinds of web applications: from a simple website to complex e-commerce.

A guide to web programming. Learn HMTL, PHP, and the MySQL database by building your first web application step by step.

Learn by doing!

By creating a real back office area, to manage users, categories and products, and the related website, you will learn to program in PHP, learning the HTML language necessary to write web pages, and use the MySQL database to manage the data.

The site and the back office area are online and you can request all the code used for free.

Once downloaded, the code can be used freely and you can create your applications and find your first customers!

In the appendix the main PHP functions, the main SQL commands: to avoid being overwhelmed by useless technicalities.

just what you need!

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