C# Programming for Beginners: An Introduction and Step-by-Step Guide to Programming in C# Front Cover

C# Programming for Beginners: An Introduction and Step-by-Step Guide to Programming in C#


C# is simple, but powerful.

C# is a simple and general-purpose object-oriented programming language. Combine this with it’s versatility and huge standard library it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular and well-respected programming language.

Create graphical applications, web based apps, and more.

When you learn how to program in C# you will be able to develop web based applications or graphical desktop applications. One of the best things about C# is that it’s easy to learn… especially with this book.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn…

  • What an IDE is and which one you should use when developing C# applications.
  • How to create your first program.
  • The various data types used in C#.
  • Operators… arithmetic, relational, and logical.
  • How to iterate of a set of items using 4 different types of loops.
  • Ways to make decisions in your code.
  • About object oriented programming (OOP).
  • What objects and classes are.
  • All about modifiers and methods.
  • Advanced topics such as inheritance and polymorphism.
  • How to create multi-threaded applications to take advantage of several CPUs at once.
  • More…

Practice exercises included that help make programming in C# “click” for you.

Includes an exercise at the end of each chapter (along with the solution) so you can practice what you’ve learned.

Great for beginning programmers or those that are new to the Java language

If you’ve never programmed before, don’t worry. This book will guide you step-by-step to creating your first software application. If you have some programming experience, then this book will teach you the specifics of the Java programming language.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Creating Your First C# Program
Chapter 2: Data Types and Operators
Chapter 3: Selection Statements
Chapter 4: Iteration Statements
Chapter 5: Arrays
Chapter 6: Objects and Classes
Chapter 7: Access Modifiers and Methods
Chapter 8: Inheritance & Polymorphism
Chapter 9: Events and Delegates
Chapter 10: Multithreading

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