C#: Simple and Effective Tips and Tricks to Learn C# Programming Effectively, 2nd Edition Front Cover

C#: Simple and Effective Tips and Tricks to Learn C# Programming Effectively, 2nd Edition

  • Length: 233 pages
  • Edition: 2
  • Publication Date: 2020-08-23
  • ISBN-10: B08GL4HR2W

DON’T BUY this book if you are looking for an ordinary piece of literature that is filled to the brim with useless theoretical stuff. DON’T buy this book if you are madly in love with reading prose. Buy a novel instead! DON’T buy this book if you don’t feel ready to scan code and practice it as you read. DON’T buy it if you feel like a sloth. This book is a blessing for those who love to pull up their socks and work.
Each day a lot of tech books hit the market but only a few can make it to the top spot. Why? Because tech books are different from other books. They can be complicated. Or perhaps if organized in the right way, they can be really easy and juicy. This book on C# programming is one of the juicy ones. I have reasons to prove that. I consider it juicy because you will get in this book one or two sample codes for each feature that I explain. I also provide the output of the code to avoid any confusion and to allow you to match your results with mine.
What good is a tech book if you don’t get the opportunity to practice the code? This book gives you that golden opportunity, as each code has an explanation with it for you to digest it easily. The book contains the following topics along with others…
C# strings
C# While Loops
C# For Loops
C# Arrays
C# Lists
C# Classes
C# User Input
C# If Else Statement
C# Else- if Statement
All this in a single book. The world is changing fast and so is the tech world. C# is a better version of C and C++ so why stick to old things. Buy this book now and be a better version of your previous self by enhancing your skills and boosting your knowledge.

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