Career Counseling: Holism, Diversity, and Strengths, 4th Edition Front Cover

Career Counseling: Holism, Diversity, and Strengths, 4th Edition

  • Length: 360 pages
  • Edition: 4
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2014-01-15
  • ISBN-10: 1556203330
  • ISBN-13: 9781556203336
  • Sales Rank: #28154 (See Top 100 Books)

The latest edition of this bestseller presents a holistic, strengths-based, and theoretically sound model of career development and the career counseling process that will help counselors and psychologists to update and expand their existing knowledge and skills. Useful for professionals-in-training and experienced linicians, the career counseling process outlined in this text is both practitioner-friendly and effective with clients of all ages and circumstances. Practical strategies designed specifically to assist clients in reaching their goals and resolving their concerns are presented throughout the book. Significant attention is placed on expanding the career options and empowering the life choices of women; men; racial and ethnic minorities; gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender clients; clients from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds; and individuals with disabilities. Additional topics discussed include traditional and postmodern career theories and approaches, forming a productive alliance with the client, effective use of assessment inventories and instruments, helping clients respond to changes in the workplace and family, life, working with resistant clients, developing client action plans, and bringing closure to the career counseling process. A new chapter titled ”Using Social Media in Career Counseling” rounds out this exceptional publication.


Three carefully crafted and connected parts, which are organized around a holistic perspective of career development and the career counseling process

A career counseling process based on a life career development perspective, with particular attention to diversity, spirituality, social class, disability, sexual orientation, and gender issues

In-depth presentations of selected techniques and assessment procedures

A framework for integrating postmodern qualitative and traditional quantitative assessment techniques and information directly into the career counseling process

Table of Contents

Part One: Career Counseling in the 21st Century: Evolving Contexts, Challenges, and Concepts
Chapter 1: Career Counseling: A Life Career Development Perspective
Chapter 2: Ways of Understanding Career Behavior and Development: Selected Theories
Chapter 3: Empowering Life Choices: Career Counseling in the Contexts of Race and Class
Chapter 4: Empowering Women’s Life Choices: An Examination of Gender and Sexual Orientation
Chapter 5: Empowering Men’s Life Choices: An Examination of Gender and Sexual Orientation
Chapter 6: Facilitating the Career Development of Individuals With Disabilities Through Empowering Career Counseling
Chapter 7: Helping Clients Understand and Respond to Changes in the Workplace and Family Life

Part Two: Client Goal or Problem Identification, Clarification, and Specification
Chapter 8: Opening Phase of the Career Counseling Process: Forming the Working Alliance
Chapter 9: Identifying and Analyzing Life Career Themes
Chapter 10: Life Career Assessment: An Interview Framework to Help Clients Tell Their Stories
Chapter 11: Career, Multicultural, Marital, and Military Family Genograms: Helping Clients Tell Their Stories About Their Career–Family Connections
Chapter 12: Gathering Client Information Using an Occupational Card Sort: Using Occupational Titles as Stimuli
Chapter 13: Gathering Client Information Using Selected Standardized Tests and Inventories: An In-Depth Approach
Chapter 14: Assessments That Focus on Strengths and Positive Psychology: The Clifton StrengthsFinder and the INSIGHT Inventory
Chapter 15: Understanding and Working With Resistant Clients

Part Three: Client Goal or Problem Resolution
Chapter 16: Using Information, Taking Action, and Developing Plans of Action
Chapter 17: Using Social Media in Career Counseling
Chapter 18: Bringing Closure to Career Counseling

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