Classical Mechanics And Relativity, 2nd Edition Front Cover

Classical Mechanics And Relativity, 2nd Edition


Review of the First Edition: “From the very beginning the author makes sure that we do not forget that many branches of physics have roots in classical mechanics, and in many cases some chapters would make excellent introductions to tools used in areas such as quantum mechanics, particle physics or gravitation.” Contemporary Physics The text covers the entire domain of basic classical mechanics and relativity theory (special and general) and has been revised mainly for the purpose of adding exercises without worked solutions that were missing in the first edition. To retain the format of a readable, yet advanced introductory text that can serve as the companion text for a course in mechanics, the more than 100 new exercises on diverse topics are of moderate range; answers are given and occasionally hints are provided. As before, the text aims to cover the entire spectrum of theoretical mechanics from Newton to Einstein. The reader can observe how in the course of time, deeper and deeper insights were achieved with the development of the basic equations of Newton to those of Euler and Lagrange, and to the geodesic equations of space-time and Einstein’s relativity. To include diverse problems, a small section on this topic has been added.

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