Contemporary Mathematics for Business & Consumers, 9th Edition Front Cover

Contemporary Mathematics for Business & Consumers, 9th Edition


Gain a strong understand of today’s key mathematical concepts and learn how to use math for success in business today with Brechner/Bergeman’s CONTEMPORARY MATHEMATICS FOR BUSINESS AND CONSUMERS, 9E. This reader-friendly approach helps you overcome any math anxiety and confidently master mathematical concepts. A proven step-by-step instructional model allows you to progress through one topic at a time without being intimidated or overwhelmed. Learning features connect the topics you’re learning to the latest business news and even provide helpful personal money tips. You can immediately practice concepts and hone essential skills with more than 2,000 exercises. Jump Start problems introduce each new topic and provide worked-out solutions to help you start homework, while Master-it Problems offer detailed interactive explanations. In addition, author-created videos walk you step-by-step through sample problems to ensure understanding.

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