Create GUI Applications with Python & Qt6 (PySide6 Edition): The hands-on guide to making apps with Python Front Cover

Create GUI Applications with Python & Qt6 (PySide6 Edition): The hands-on guide to making apps with Python


Building desktop applications doesn’t have to be difficult. Using Python & Qt6 you can create fully functional desktop apps in minutes. Starting from the very basics, this modern PySide6 book takes you on a tour of the key features of PySide6 you can use to build real-life applications.

This is the 5th Edition of Create GUI Applications with Python & Qt, updated for 2022 & PySide6. Learn the fundamental building blocks of PySide6 applications — Widgets, Layouts & Signals and learn how PySide6 uses the event loop to handle and respond to user input. Design beautiful UIs with Qt Designer and customize the look and feel of your applications with Qt Style Sheets and custom widgets.Use Qt’s MVC-like ModelViews framework to connect data sources to your widgets, including SQL databases, numpy and pandas data tables, to build-data driven application. Visualize data using matplotlib & PyQtGraph and connect with external data sources to build live dashboards. Learn how to use threads and processes to manage long-running tasks and communicate with external services. Parse data and visualize the output in logs and progress bars.The book includes usability and architectural tips to help you build maintainable and usable PySide6 applications from the start. Finally, once your application is ready to be released, discover how to package it up into professional-quality installers, ready to ship.


  • PySide6 Widgets
  • Signals, slots & events
  • GUI Layouts
  • Toolbars & Menus
  • PySide6 Dialogs, including file dialogs, warning and custom dialogs
  • Windows
  • Qt Designer
  • PySide6 Themes, Styles, Palettes & Icons
  • Model View Architecture
  • Creating custom widgets, using custom widgets in Designer
  • PySide6 Table views with numpy & pandas
  • Database, SQL models
  • Extending PyQt6 Signals
  • Working with relative paths, resources
  • System tray & Menus
  • Threading, thread pools & processes, QThread
  • Plotting with PyQtGraph & matplotlib
  • Packaging & distribution of PySide6 apps on Windows, macOS & Linux
  • Example PySide6 apps

The book includes

  • 780 pages of hands-on PySide6 exercises
  • 300+ code examples to experiment with
  • Support forum for all readers
  • Includes 4 example PySide6 apps
  • Compatible with Python 3.4+
  • Code free to reuse in your own projects

Martin Fitzpatrick has been teaching and using PySide for 10 years, helping thousands of developers bring their applications to life. With this book you get the benefit of that experience. & give your project the best chance of success!

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