Creating Agile Organizations: A Systemic Approach Front Cover

Creating Agile Organizations: A Systemic Approach


This guide will help Scrum Masters, trainers, and leaders to facilitate, coach, and teach Scrum across entire organizations, not just individual teams. Internationally renowned Scrum/Agile coaches Cesario Ramos and Ilia Pavhlichenko focus on the specific challenges that Scrum Masters encounter when adopting Scrum at the enterprise level, when working on organizational design with large products, and multiple teams across many departments and locations. They draw on years of experience scaling Scrum at widely diverse companies worldwide, offering techniques you can use with any technologies, in any environment.

After concisely reviewing relevant Professional Scrum Master principles, history, and techniques, Ramos and Pavhlichenko present concrete tools for successfully extending Scrum throughout virtually any large organization. You will find specific solutions for real-world challenges such as preparing and facilitating large scale Scrum meetings, practicing your personal skills more effectively, and asking better questions about organization-wide challenges. You will also find proven tools for large scale Scrum adoption, including a Product Definition Guide to help define the product in a Scrum adoption, and a Feature Heat Map to help define team structure and redesign entire organizations.

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