Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding Front Cover

Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding


“Mobile” is changing how business is done. Mobile apps can let your company work in new ways to boost customer loyalty and satisfaction and build new revenue streams. And having your own apps can brand the company as forward-thinking and edgy, or just plain “cool.” But how do you get those apps? You can check in Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store, but those apps are generic. They’ll do some of what you need… You can get a custom app created for your specific needs, but creating apps takes programming skill and is expensive and time—consuming, possibly expensive enough to be unaffordable and time-consuming enough to be unable to quickly respond to changing business needs. Until now… New app development tools are creating a world of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) apps. If you have an analytical bent and know how to use standard business tools like Microsoft® PowerPoint and Excel, you may be able to create your own apps, yourself, in days or weeks rather than months, and inexpensively. This book explains how. The book first introduces DIY apps in general – their rationales, design principles, and more. It then focuses on a specific tool called ViziApps. You’ll learn about ViziApps’ features and get step-by-step instructions for creating a simple but real app that’s complete except for being in the stores. You’ll do this with no coding. When you finish, you’ll have a feel for DIY app creation and a working app. Quickly, and with no coding.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Overview of Mobile
Chapter 2 – Overview of ViziApps
Chapter 3 – Overview of DIY Hybrid App Design
Chapter 4 – ViziApps Page Elements
Chapter 5 -The Database
Chapter 6 – Connecting the App to the Database
Chapter 7 – Non-Data ViziApps Features
Chapter 8 – Publishing
Chapter 9 – Creating Web Apps

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