Design and Modeling for 3DICs and Interposers Front Cover

Design and Modeling for 3DICs and Interposers


3D Integration is being touted as the next semiconductor revolution. This book provides a comprehensive coverage on the design and modeling aspects of 3D integration, in particularly, focus on its electrical behavior. Looking from the perspective the Silicon Via (TSV) and Glass Via (TGV) technology, the book introduces 3DICs and Interposers as a technology, and presents its application in numerical modeling, signal integrity, power integrity and thermal integrity. The authors underscored the potential of this technology in design exchange formats and power distribution.

Readership: Graduate students, academics, researchers in electrical and electronics engineering, computer engineering, semiconductors and packaging.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: System Integration and Modeling Concepts
Chapter 2: Modeling of Cylindrical Interconnections
Chapter 3: Electrical Modeling of Through Silicon Vias
Chapter 4: Electrical Performance and Signal Integrity
Chapter 5: Power Distribution, Return Path Discontinuities and Thermal Management
Chapter 6: Alternate Methods for Power Distribution

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