Designing the Adobe InDesign Way: Explore 100+ recipes for creating stunning layouts with the leading desktop publishing software Front Cover

Designing the Adobe InDesign Way: Explore 100+ recipes for creating stunning layouts with the leading desktop publishing software

  • Length: 564 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2023-08-18
  • ISBN-10: 1801074437
  • ISBN-13: 9781801074438

Layout multipage documents faster for print and digital output, with consistent control over typography, color and positioning, all whilst using the latest InDesign features to automate repetitive and complex tasks

Key Features

  • Create engaging design solutions for print and digital media such as posters, magazines, books, and brochures
  • Master the powerful tools InDesign offers to simplify complex tasks and avoid potentially disastrous mistakes
  • Discover InDesign best practices to increase productivity and speed up the design process

Book Description

Adobe InDesign is the leading desktop publishing and layout software for producing brochures, magazines, flyers, books, posters, and a wide range of digital documents. It allows you to rapidly draft your documents with precise control over typography, images, positioning, alignment, color, and other interactive features. However, InDesign’s interface, tools, and workflows can be a bit challenging to get to grips with. This cookbook will assist you in building unparalleled InDesign workflows with tried and tested recipes.

With Designing the Adobe InDesign Way, you’ll learn how to add and edit content, create color swatches, and use features such as tables, all while applying software best practices and techniques to ensure that your work is fast, efficient, and easily maintained. Additionally, you’ll explore advanced InDesign features such as text styles, parent pages, tables of contents, and pre-flighting. Finally, you’ll take a closer look at the many export options in InDesign and ways to truly maximize its capabilities.

By the end of this book, you’ll be well equipped to draft and design your own projects while ensuring your work is compatible with industry standards for print and digital documents.

What you will learn

  • Navigate and customize the InDesign interface
  • Understand how to set up new documents for different types of content
  • Explore how to add and adjust content within your documents
  • Discover a range of tools to speed up your workflow and make you more efficient
  • Check your documents for errors and make the required corrections
  • Share your document output in different formats based on specific requirements

Who this book is for

This book is for marketing and communications professionals, marketing executives, marketing managers, marketing assistants, communications officers, communications managers, graphic designers, publishers, bids and tender teams, PR professionals, and brand managers looking to gain a deep understanding of InDesign. Anyone seeking to learn InDesign to create more professional content and advance their skills will find the book useful.

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