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Easy WordPress Tutorial For Beginners

  • Length: 197 pages
  • Edition: 1
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  • Publication Date: 2013-07-15
  • Sales Rank: #1955973 (See Top 100 Books)

Easy WordPress Tutorial For Beginners: Easy WordPress Handbook With Screen Shots (Skills for the Internet)
**If you really want to build a new site or blog, look over my shoulder at screen shots as I build one. Go along for the ride and build one today!**

This easy WordPress handbook is the only one you will ever need to buy. It is full of screen shots to make sure you know exactly what the next step is in your process of gaining an online presence.

Even though this was written as a WordPress for Beginners guide, many folks who consider themselves not total newbies will get some great tips about excellent suggested plugins to install.

This WordPress guide is written to help you save money by building your own website or blog. There is no reason that you should pay for WordPress web design, when you can do it yourself.

I have personally built hundreds of websites and blogs, both for myself and for clients. It’s not as hard as you think.

I will be building a new site as you watch over my shoulder with loads of screen shots to help you get your site up and running. Everything from registration, hosting and even creating a header is included. If you have never registered a domain name or paid for hosting, you will be amazed at how easy the WordPress for Beginners is presented!

I have even included a great Premium Theme as part of your purchase, all you need to do is download it using the link provided by signing up on the site. You will find this WordPress tutorial easy to follow and packed full of awesome information and images to keep you completely on task as you build your own site.

There are a number of tips and tricks in this WordPress handbook to help you get the most out of your new site. You will see why so many people are using the easy WordPress platform for their sites.

One example:

What are the first steps to secure your blog and make it harder for hackers to get into your site?

Building a website or blog can be fun!

The website built while writing this book will be regularly updated with new tricks and tips.

Upcoming posts:

Why upgrade your WordPress version?

What to do when a plugin upgrade breaks the functionality?

Don’t waste your money on a WordPress guide that is not going to get your site up and running. You can learn WordPress web design, it’s easier than you ever thought possible.

Take flight with Jared’s WordPress tutorial today!

Table of Contents

Domain Name
Hostgator Control Panel
Install WordPress
Your Site
Installing the Resizable Premium Theme
Comments and Discussion
Critical Plugin
Suggested Plugins
Five Pages in the Footer
Now – Install These Pages to the Footer.
Tracking Your Visitors
Adding a Page
Adding Posts
Performing a Site Backup

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