Ecological Medicine, 2nd Edition: The Antidote to Big Pharma and Fast Food Front Cover

Ecological Medicine, 2nd Edition: The Antidote to Big Pharma and Fast Food


“If you only buy one book from the whole field, this should be it.”―Paradigm Explorer

Dr Sarah Myhill’s 2nd Edition comprehensive guide to health care for health practitioners and motivated patients alike

Armed with this knowledge, wellness and an optimal health-span should be within our grasp and the grasp of all those we care for. Easy to follow, logical and evidence based, Dr Myhill shows how, if we can get the basics right, disease specific benefits will follow. She does not pretend it’s easy but the incentives are undeniable. A range of case histories – organized by body system to match earlier chapters – show how to apply the theory in this book to ourselves and to those we care for, personally and/or professionally. Using principally the PK diet, vitamin C, iodine, sleep and exercise, plus Dr Myhill’s ‘Groundhog regimes’ (so called because they require constant repetition), ecological medicine can be available to all both practically and affordably. Just do it!

Changes for the second edition include:

  • all new chapter 21 (PK diet)
  • all new chapter 32 (iodine)
  • all new chapter 40 (ophthalmology/eyes)
  • greatly expanded chapter 48 (dermatology/skin) with addition of eczema, psoriasis, insect bites/anaphylaxis, infectious rashes and vasculitis
  • significantly revised chapter 21 (vitamin C)
  • important new information on tackling inflammation (chapter 36)
  • expanded chapter 43 (respiratory)
  • new information on microbiome health and faecal bacteriotherapy (chapter 44:  gastroenterology)
  • new information on crystals in joints and connective tissue (Chapter 47: rheumatology)
  • Appendix 4 (blood tests) updated with latest recommendations
  • thyroid issues updated throughout
  • uric acid issues updated throughout
  • importance of boron updated throughout
  • Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ concerns included throughout
  • 40 new references citing the latest relevant research
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