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Energy Efficient Distributed Computing Systems


Energy Efficient Distributed Computing Systems (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing)
The energy consumption issue in distributed computing systems raises various monetary, environmental and system performance concerns. Electricity consumption in the US doubled from 2000 to 2005.  From a financial and environmental standpoint, reducing the consumption of electricity is important, yet these reforms must not lead to performance degradation of the computing systems.  These contradicting constraints create a suite of complex problems that need to be resolved in order to lead to ‘greener’ distributed computing systems.  This book brings together a group of outstanding researchers that investigate the different facets of green and energy efficient distributed computing.

Key features:

  • One of the first books of its kind
  • Features latest research findings on emerging topics by well-known scientists
  • Valuable research for grad students, postdocs, and researchers
  • Research will greatly feed into other technologies and application domains

Table of Contents

1 Power Allocation And Task Scheduling On Multiprocessor Computers With Energy And Time Constraints 1
2 Power-Aware High Performance Computing 39
3 Energy Efficiency In Hpc Systems 81
4 A Stochastic Framework For Hierarchical System-Level Power Management 109
5 Energy-Efficient Reservation Infrastructure For Grids, Clouds, And Networks 133
6 Energy-Efficient Job Placement On Clusters, Grids, And Clouds 163
7 Comparison And Analysis Of Greedy Energy-Efficient Scheduling Algorithms For Computational Grids 189
8 Toward Energy-Aware Scheduling Using Machine Learning 215
9 Energy Efficiency Metrics For Data Centers 245
10 Autonomic Green Computing In Large-Scale Data Centers 271
11 Energy And Thermal Aware Scheduling In Data Centers 301
12 Qos-Aware Power Management In Data Centers 339
13 Energy-Efficient Storage Systems For Data Centers 361
14 Autonomic Energy/Performance Optimizations For Memory In Servers 377
15 Rod: A Practical Approach To Improving Reliability Of Energy-Efficient Parallel Disk Systems 395
16 Embracing The Memory And I/O Walls For Energy-Efficient Scientific Computing 417
17 Multiple Frequency Selection In Dvfs-Enabled Processors To Minimize Energy Consumption 443
18 The Paramountcy Of Reconfigurable Computing 465
19 Workload Clustering For Increasing Energy Savings On Embedded Mpsocs 549
20 Energy-Efficient Internet Infrastructure 567
21 Demand Response In The Smart Grid: A Distributed Computing Perspective 593
22 Resource Management For Distributed Mobile Computing 615
23 An Energy-Aware Framework For Mobile Data Mining 653
24 Energy Awareness And Efficiency In Wireless Sensor Networks: From Physical Devices To The Communication Link 673
25 Network-Wide Strategies For Energy Efficiency In Wireless Sensor Networks 709
26 Energy Management In Heterogeneous Wireless Health Care Networks 751

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