English Verbs: QuickStudy Language Arts Laminated Reference & Study Guide Front Cover

English Verbs: QuickStudy Language Arts Laminated Reference & Study Guide


This essential guide to verbs will vastly improve your writing skills and success. Verbs are the most essential words as they represent actions and feelings when writing or speaking, without them sentences do not work. Very skilled use of verbs will bring your language to the next level in school, boosting essay grades and test scores. Our author and English professor expertly organized the details of verb use, the types of verbs, how they work and when to use them with so many examples that you can be sure to see skilled verb use in action. In 6 colorful, durably laminated pages and at this low price for a tool that offers so much understanding and improvement, buying this guide is a no brainer to ensure anyone excels as a student and beyond.
6 page laminate guide includes

Verb Basics
Finite Verbs (Main Verbs)
Nonfinite Verbs (Verbals)
The Five Properties of Verbs
Regular Verbs
Example Tense Form Table
Irregular Verbs
Example Tense Form Table
Types of Verbs
Action vs. Linking
Transitive vs. Intransitive
Phrasal Verbs
Auxiliaries & Modal Auxiliaries
A Change in Time: Controlling Shifts in Tense
Same Time of Action
Change in Time
Verb Tense in Academic Writing
Use Present Tense
Use Past Tense
Use Future Tense
Rules for Tense Shifts
Voice in Academic Writing
Use Active Voice
Example Passage
Use Passive Voice
Example Passage
Table of Active Verbs for Types of Essays
Using Verbs to Introduce Sources
Verb Examples – Table of Reporting Verb Use
Verb Examples – Table of what Reporting Verbs May be Followed by
Verb Choice in Creative Writing
Descriptive Verbs
Descriptive Verb Examples Table
Verb Tense in Creative Writing
Use Present Tense – with Example Passages
Use Past Tense – with Example Passages

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