Ethics in Online AI-Based Systems: Risks and Opportunities in Current Technological Trends Front Cover

Ethics in Online AI-Based Systems: Risks and Opportunities in Current Technological Trends

  • Length: 424 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2024-04-19
  • ISBN-10: 0443188513
  • ISBN-13: 9780443188510

Ethics in Online AI-Based Systems: Risks and Opportunities in Current Technological Trends creates a space to explore the ethical relevance that new technologies under development may have. Stimulating reflection and considerations with respect to the design, deployment, and use of technology helps readers guide current and future technological advancements from an ethically informed position to ensure that such advancements contribute towards solving current global and social challenges that we, as a society, have today. This will not only be useful for researchers and professional engineers, but also for educators, policy makers, and ethicists. Recent technological advancements have deeply transformed society and the way people interact with each other. Instantaneous communication platforms have allowed connections with other people, forming global communities and creating unprecedented opportunities in many sectors, making access to online resources more ubiquitous by reducing limitations imposed by geographical distance and temporal constrains. These technological developments bear ethically relevant consequences with their deployment, and legislations often lag behind such advancements. Because the appearance and deployment of these technologies happen much faster than legislative procedures, the way these technologies affect social interactions have profound ethical effects before any legislative regulation can be built in order to prevent and mitigate those effects.

  • Investigates how “intelligent” technological advances might be used, how they will affect social interactions, and what ethical consequences they might have for society
  • Identifies and reflects on questions that need to be asked before the design, deployment, and application of upcoming technological advancements, aiming to both prevent and mitigate potential risks, as well as to identify potentially ethically-beneficial opportunities
  • Recognizes the huge potential for ethically-relevant outcomes that technological advancements have, and take proactive steps to anticipate that they be designed from an ethically-informed position
  • Provides reflections that highlight the importance of the relationship between technology, their users and our society, thus encouraging informed design and educational and legislative approaches that take this relationship into account
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