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F# in Action

  • Length: 336 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2024-05-14
  • ISBN-10: 1633439534
  • ISBN-13: 9781633439535

F# is engineered to make functional programming practical and accessible. This book will get you started writing your first simple, robust, and high performing functional code.

F# lets you keep your code simple even in the most complex applications—and it’s the perfect language for taking your first steps in functional programming. This practical, example-driven guide shows you how to build professional applications the F# way.

In F# in Action you will learn how to:

  • Write performant and robust systems with succinct F# code
  • Model domains quickly, easily and accurately with F#’s type system
  • Design solutions using functional programming patterns
  • Ingest and process disparate data sources
  • Develop data-driven web applications
  • Unit test F# code
  • Effectively model data using a variety of techniques
  • Use scripts to rapidly explore domains

F# in Action is based on author and Microsoft F# MVP Isaac Abraham’s years of experience working with developers as an F# consultant. It upgrades .NET development skills with the core principles of functional programming, and you’ll soon see how F#’s functional-first approach makes it easy to learn this powerful paradigm.

Forewords by Phillip Carter and Tomas Petricek.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the technology

F# is a uniquely powerful programming language. Its “light touch” approach to functional programming helps you deliver error-free code without a lot of complex math and academic theory. Simply put, F# exists to help you write better software faster, and this book will show you how.

About the book

F# in Action teaches you to write professional quality applications in F#. For each concept, feature, and technique you’ll find hands-on examples, starting with simple data transformations and progressing all the way to a full-size web app. Throughout the book, you’ll take advantage of battle-tested .NET tools to take on a wide range of tasks—from data analysis to interoperability with C#.

What’s inside

  • Model domains with F#’s type system
  • Ingest and process disparate data sources
  • Unit test F# code
  • Use scripts to rapidly explore domains

About the reader

For readers comfortable with any OO or FP language. Prior .NET knowledge not required!

About the author

Isaac Abraham is an experienced .NET developer, trainer, and Microsoft MVP for his contributions to the .NET community. Technical editor on this book was Michael Ciccotti.

Table of Contents

1 Introducing F#
2 Hands on with F#
3 F# Syntax Basics
4 F# Fundamentals
5 Shaping data
6 Functions and modules
7 Working with collections
8 Patterns and unions
9 Building rich domains
10 Working effectively with data
11 F# Interop
12 Asynchronous programming
13 Web programming
14 Testing F# code
15 Pure functional programming
16 Where next?

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