Game Testing, 4th Edition: All in One Front Cover

Game Testing, 4th Edition: All in One


An updated version of the bestselling, Game Testing All In One 3/E, this fourth edition serves as your comprehensive handbook to video game testing, guiding you through the essential skills needed to succeed in this exciting field. Whether you are a student seeking to enter the video game industry or a working professional aiming to refine your skills, this new edition gives you the basics skills of testing, demonstrates how game testing and testers fit into the game development process, and includes practical knowledge of tools, roles, responsibilities, and the metrics used to determine game quality and test progress. The reader is taken step-by-step through test design and other QA methods, using real game situations, and featuring interviews with veteran game developers. The book includes companion files for downloading with templates and tutorials for creating both combinatorial tables and test flow diagrams, which form the basis of a robust video game QA plan. Each chapter includes questions and exercises, making the book suitable for classroom use as well as a personal study or reference tool.

• Features test methodology tutorials based on actual games, plus examples and tools that readers can use for personal or professional development
• Explores documented methods and tools for tracking and managing game testing progress and game quality
• Provides companion files including classroom support files, templates, resources, and projects from the book (available for downloading with Amazon proof of purchase by writing to the publisher at [email protected])

1: Your Role on the Game Development Team. 2: The Basics of Game Testing. 3: Bug Report Writing and Defect Tracking. 4: How Bugs Happen. 5: The Phases of Game Quality Assurance. 6: Exploratory Testing and Gameplay Testing. 7: The Two Rules of Test Management. 8: Combinatorial Testing. 9: Test Flow Diagrams.10: Cleanroom Testing. 11: Test Trees. 12: Defect Triggers. 13: Regression Testing and Test Reuse. 14: Testing by the Numbers.
15: Software Quality. Appendices. Glossary. Index.

Robert Denton Bryant, MFA rose through the ranks as a game tester to produce dozens of video games over a decades-long career. He has lectured in the U.S. and Europe on the importance of and best practices in game testing. He currently serves as director of both the Video Game Development and Animation degree programs at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas.

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