Getting an IT Help Desk Job For Dummies Front Cover

Getting an IT Help Desk Job For Dummies

  • Length: 288 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2015-04-13
  • ISBN-10: 1119018986
  • ISBN-13: 9781119018988
  • Sales Rank: #204989 (See Top 100 Books)

Stand out in one of IT’s fastest growing job markets

If you’re looking for a job in IT, the help desk is the heart and soul of most IT operations, and an excellent starting point for a promising career. With the help of Getting an IT Help Desk Job For Dummies, you’ll gain the knowledge and know-how to cut through the confusion of navigating the Information Technology job market. IT can be intimidating to hopeful-yet-inexperienced job candidates, but this guide will help you find and land the job of your dreams. Through easy-to-follow explanations, authoritative information, and a bit of humor, Getting an IT Help Desk Job For Dummies serves as your thorough and approachable guide to maximizing your competitive edge in this booming market.

The IT job market has continued to expand as technology matures and deepens its roots in business operations. This is good news for you! However, it makes it that much harder to get a job in IT, as recent grads and other professionals are practically stampeding to get their feet in the door of this rapidly expanding industry. Luckily, Getting an IT Help Desk Job For Dummies gives you an advantage by providing expert instruction on how to score an interview and secure a job offer, the skills needed to obtain and maintain an IT position, and authoritative information on how to establish a career path in the IT field.

  • Explore careers in the IT Help Desk field and establish the path you want to follow
  • Plan for post-education certifications and training to make yourself more marketable
  • Get expert guidance for creating a winning resume and cover letter
  • Prepare for your IT Help Desk interview

Loaded with simple, straight-forward advice, Getting an IT Help Desk Job For Dummies is your all-in-one guide to starting your IT career on the right foot!

Table of Contents

Part I So You Want to Be an IT Help Desk Engineer
Chapter 1 Embracing IT Help Desk Jobs
Chapter 2 A Day in the Life of a Help Desk Engineer
Chapter 3 Why Starting at the Help Desk Is an Awesome Choice

Part II What You Need to Know
Chapter 4 The Education and the Mindset
Chapter 5 Education and Certifications
Chapter 6 Feeding Your Inner Nerd

Part III Finding the Right Position for You
Chapter 7 The Consulting Nerd
Chapter 8 Working for a Company
Chapter 9 The Remote Nerd

Part IV Landing the Job
Chapter 10 Branding Yourself
Chapter 11 Creating a Winning Resume and Cover Letter
Chapter 12 Surviving the Interview
Chapter 13 Post‐Interview Etiquette

Part V The Part of Tens
Chapter 14 Ten Things Not to Do
Chapter 15 Ten Books You Should Own
Chapter 16 Ten Tools You Should Own
Chapter 17 Ten Resources You Should Use
Chapter 18 Ten Things You Should Learn
Chapter 19 Ten Things You Should Never Say During an Interview

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