Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework Front Cover

Getting Started with Meteor.js JavaScript Framework

  • Length: 130 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2012-12-26
  • ISBN-10: 1782160825
  • ISBN-13: 9781782160823
  • Sales Rank: #3229924 (See Top 100 Books)

Develop modern web applications in Meteor, one of the hottest new JavaScript platforms


  • Create dynamic, multi-user web applications completely in JavaScript.
  • Use best practice design patterns including MVC, templates, and data synchronization.
  • Create simple, effective user authentication including Facebook and Twitter integration.
  • Learn the time-saving techniques of Meteor to code powerful, lightning-fast web apps in minutes

In Detail

Meteor is a brand new platform built entirely in JavaScript that allows you to build modern, dynamic web applications in the blink of an eye. With support for nearly every popular JavaScript framework (and more being added every day), Meteor provides you with the ability to quickly and easily develop sophisticated and stylish web applications.

“Getting Started with Meteor” is an easy to follow, step-by-step approach to learning how to build modern web applications with Meteor. Through the development of a complete and ready-to-use application, you will experience exactly how easy and fast it can be to develop robust, flexible web applications, so you can build your own “killer” app in no time.

“Getting Started with Meteor” will walk you step-by-step through all the major advantages that Meteor has to offer. You’ll be up and running in less than two minutes, and will develop an actual application you can use. As you move quickly through the exercises, you’ll be able to experience first-hand how easy it is to develop in Meteor, and will gain invaluable best practices you can apply immediately to your coding projects.

You will learn about reactive programming and how Meteor takes advantage of the latest web technologies. You will gain a solid understanding of what the best design patterns are for developing web apps, and when to use them. You will learn how Meteor uses HTML templates and NoSQL (document-based) databases together to make coding applications simple and fun. Finally, you’ll gain best practices for security and performance, making your web applications fast, secure, and easy to use. If you want to build a web application but hate how difficult it seems to be, this book will show you the easy way to build and deploy modern web apps

This book will teach you everything you need to know to get up and running with Meteor, and start you on your way to becoming an expert web applications developer

What you will learn from this book

  • Leverage reactive programming and live HTML in modern web applications.
  • Design and implement MongoDB/NoSQL databases.
  • Develop fast, simple web interfaces with HTML templates (Handlebars).
  • Use design patterns effectively, including MVC/MVVM and Publisher-Subscriber.
  • Use local and server synchronization to make apps more user-friendly.
  • Structure an application for performance and security.
  • Leverage and integrate user authentication systems (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Implement third-party packages and add-ons such as Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Deploy and administer Meteor applications.


Written in an engaging, easy-to-follow style, “Getting Started with Meteor” is a practical guide for developing modern web applications with Meteor.

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