Getting Started with Pester 5: A Beginner’s Guide Front Cover

Getting Started with Pester 5: A Beginner’s Guide

  • Length: 279 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2024-06-08
  • ISBN-10: B0D1WL8H19

Become a more effective tech professional by learning how to provide the most useful IT support for your users. You’ll learn how to efficiently and effectively deal with any type of problem, including operating systems, software, and hardware. IT support is often complex, time-consuming, and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be with the right processes in place.

Whether you’re an individual, part of an IT support team, or managing staff supporting PC users in their homes,¬†this book¬†will help you understand the right way to approach, troubleshoot, and isolate problems so they can be handled efficiently, with the least disruption and cost to your business. Expanded and revised for this second edition, you’ll make yourself popular with your colleagues, and keep your clients and users happy and productive.

New To This Edition

The world of work has changed, with remote and hybrid working now the new normal and with IT Support departments worldwide having to adapt to this new paradigm. This expanded edition highlights the skills, tools, and structures needed to support businesses of any size in the new normal.

What You’ll Learn

  • Manage reporting, and keep a record of issues that occur
  • Provide effective remote support for users working from home or elsewhere in the world
  • Use error and system reporting in Windows to obtain high-quality, relevant information
  • Spot patterns in user behavior that may be causing difficult-to-diagnose problems
  • Be familiar with best practices to make you a better support professional


Who This Book Is For

IT professionals, IT support (on-site and remote), and system administrators who manage support teams. No prior knowledge is required.

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