Git Essentials: Developer’s Guide to Git Front Cover

Git Essentials: Developer’s Guide to Git


Git Essentials is a book for for all developers, beginner to advanced, and written to get you up to speed with the world’s most popular version control system. Git has become synonymous with VCSs and is expected to be in the wheelhouse of every developer as one of the most fundamental tools used to coordinate software development.

Stop turning to Google every time you need to commit some code, create a feature branch, or tag a release. With this book, you’ll actually learn Git instead of just memorize the commands. We’re all guilty of copy-pasting Git commands from the first result that shows up in Google, but the important question we’re missing is – is that really the right thing for our situation? Learning and understanding these commands will help you become a more productive member of your team.

This book assumes no prior experience with Git, it applies to any operating system, and will work with any source files that can be version controlled. It covers almost everything you need to know, from why version control systems are considered fundamental tools to the basics of Git to advanced operations and best practices.

• Introduction
• Prerequisites
• Source Code Management
• Getting Started
• The Basics of Git
• Branching
• Remote
• Branching Models
• Advanced Operations
• Good/Bad Practices
• Conclusion

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