Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Guide: A comprehensive study guide to Google Cloud concepts and technologies Front Cover

Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Guide: A comprehensive study guide to Google Cloud concepts and technologies

  • Length: 210 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2024-03-15
  • ISBN-10: 1805129619
  • ISBN-13: 9781805129615
  • Sales Rank: #0 (See Top 100 Books)

Gain the expertise needed for the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification with the help of industry insights, effective testing strategies, and exam questions designed to help you make informed tech decisions aligned with business goals

Key Features

  • Learn about data management, AI, monetization, security, and the significance of infrastructure modernization
  • Build a solid foundation in Google Cloud, covering all technical essentials necessary for a Google Cloud Digital Leader
  • Test your knowledge of cloud and digital transformation through realistic exam questions
  • Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free PDF eBook

Book Description

To thrive in today’s world, leaders and technologists must understand how technology shapes businesses. As organizations shift from self-hosted to cloud-native solutions, embracing serverless systems, strategizing data use, and defining monetization becomes imperative. The Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Guide lays a solid foundation of industry knowledge, focused on the Google Cloud platform and the innovative ways in which customers leverage its technologies.

The book starts by helping you grasp the essence of digital transformation within the Google Cloud context. You’ll then cover core components of the platform, such as infrastructure and application modernization, data innovation, and best practices for environment management and security. With a series of practice exam questions included, this book ensures that you build comprehensive knowledge and prepare to certify as a Google Cloud Digital Leader. Going beyond the exam essentials, you’ll also explore how companies are modernizing infrastructure, data ecosystems, and teams in order to capitalize on new market opportunities through platform expertise, best practices, and real-world scenarios.

By the end of this book, you’ll have learned everything you need to pass the Google Cloud Digital Leader certification exam and have a reference guide for future requirements.

What you will learn

  • Leverage Google Cloud’s AI and ML solutions to create business value
  • Identify Google Cloud solutions for data management and smart analytics
  • Acquire the skills necessary to modernize infrastructure and applications on GCP
  • Understand the value of APIs and their applications in cloud environments
  • Master financial governance and implement best practices for cost management
  • Understand the cloud security approach and benefits of Google Cloud security
  • Find out how IT operations must adapt to thrive in the cloud

Who this book is for

This Google Cloud fundamentals book is suitable for individuals with both technical and non-technical backgrounds looking for a starting point to pursue more advanced Google Cloud certifications. No prior experience is required to get started with this book; only a keen interest in learning and exploring cloud concepts, with a focus on Google Cloud.

Table of Contents

  1. Cloud Computing Fundamentals – An Introduction to Digital Transformation
  2. The Shift to Public Cloud
  3. Understanding the Different Cloud Computing Models
  4. The Role of Data in Digital Transformation
  5. Google Cloud Solutions for Data Management
  6. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on Google Cloud
  7. Modernizing IT Infrastructure with Google Cloud
  8. Modernizing Applications with Google Cloud
  9. The Value of APIs
  10. Google Cloud’s Approach to Security
  11. IT Operations in the Cloud
  12. Resource Monitoring and Application Performance Management on Google Cloud
  13. Sample Questions: Exam Preparation
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