Hack the Airwaves: Advanced BLE Exploitation Techniques Front Cover

Hack the Airwaves: Advanced BLE Exploitation Techniques


In “Hack the Airwaves,” Josh, a seasoned cybersecurity expert, delves deep into the intricate world of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) security. As BLE devices become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, the potential for vulnerabilities and threats grows exponentially. This comprehensive guide is designed for hackers, red team operators, pentesters, and other cybersecurity practitioners who seek both a foundational understanding and advanced knowledge of BLE’s potential risks and defenses.

Drawing from hands-on experiences, real-world case studies, and practical demonstrations, Josh offers readers a unique blend of theoretical insights and actionable techniques. From understanding the core protocols of BLE to crafting custom payloads and defending against sophisticated attacks, “Hack the Airwaves” covers the full spectrum of BLE security.

Key features include:

  • A deep dive into the BLE protocol stack, including GATT, GAP, and other core protocols.
  • Techniques for signal interception, manipulation, and exploitation.
  • Practical guides on setting up labs, crafting malicious payloads, and executing advanced Man-in-the-Middle attacks.
  • Strategies for defending against BLE exploits, ensuring robust security for devices and systems.
  • Ethical considerations and best practices for responsible and collaborative BLE hacking.

With a forward-thinking approach, Josh also explores the future landscape of BLE security, offering predictions and strategies for staying ahead of emerging threats. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the world of BLE hacking, “Hack the Airwaves” is an essential addition to your cybersecurity library.

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