Hacking and Security: The Comprehensive Guide to Penetration Testing and Cybersecurity Front Cover

Hacking and Security: The Comprehensive Guide to Penetration Testing and Cybersecurity

  • Length: 1141 pages
  • Edition: F
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2023-07-27
  • ISBN-10: 1493224255
  • ISBN-13: 9781493224258
  • Sales Rank: #752456 (See Top 100 Books)

Uncover security vulnerabilities and harden your system against attacks! With this guide you’ll learn to set up a virtual learning environment where you can test out hacking tools, from Kali Linux to hydra and Wireshark. Then with step-by-step instructions you’ll expand your understanding of offline hacking, external safety checks, penetration testing in networks, and other essential security techniques, including steps for mobile, cloud, and IoT security. Use this guide to ensure your system can withstand any threat!

Understand IT system vulnerabilities and identify attack vectors
Learn to secure multiple infrastructures, including Linux, Microsoft Windows, cloud, and mobile
Master pen testing with tools like Metaspolit, Kali Linux, hydra, Open-VAS, Empire, Pwnagotchi, and more

Key Concepts and Tools
Set up your environment with Metasploitable and Juice Shop, install Kali Linux, and explore hacking tools like nmap, hydra, and Armitage that will assist you with the more complex practices covered in later chapters.

Penetration Testing and Security Practices
From man-in-the-middle attacks to finding vulnerabilities using nmap, walk step-by-step through client-side and network penetration testing. Master key security techniques like passwords, IT forensics, and safety checks and see how to secure Windows servers, Linux, Samba file servers, and web applications.

Advanced Security Concepts
Supplement your understanding of security concepts with practical instruction and theoretical information on more advanced topics like cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things security. Learn how to secure Office 365 through multi-level authentication and conditional access, explore protective measures for Android and iOS, and determine IoT protocols and services.

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