Handbook of Personalized Medicine Front Cover

Handbook of Personalized Medicine


Handbook of Personalized Medicine: Advances in Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery, and Therapy

This book compiles multidisciplinary efforts to conceptualize the environment in research and clinical setting that creates the fertile ground for the practical utility of personalized medicine decisions and also enables clinical pharmacogenomics for establishing pharmacotyping in drug prescription. Its covers innovative drug formulations and nanotheranostics, molecular imaging and signatures, translational nanomedicine and informatics, stem cell therapy approaches, modeling and predictability of drug response, pharmacogenetics-guided drug prescription, pediatric drug dosing, pharmacovigilance and regulatory aspects, ethical and cost-effectiveness issues, pharmacogenomics knowledge bases, personal genome sequencing, molecular diagnostics, as well as information-based medicine.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Nanotechnology toward Advancing Personalized Medicine
Chapter 2: RNAi Nanomedicines toward Advancing Personalized Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities for Targeted Therapy in the Immune System
Chapter 3: Impact of Current Medical Imaging Technologies on Individualized Patient-Specific Cancer Management: A Clinical Perspective
Chapter 4: Boron Neutron Capture Therapy: Active Agents and Lipid Carriers
Chapter 5: Cytotoxicity Challenges in Development of Personalized Nanomedicines: Focus on Nucleic Acid Delivery Systems
Chapter 6: Drug Bioavailability and Gene Profiling: Challenges and Opportunities for Pharmaceutics and Personalized Medicine
Chapter 7: Translational Bioinformatics and Systems Biology in Personalized Medicine
Chapter 8: The Development of Informatics Platforms to Help Drive Systems Medicine
Chapter 9: The Tale of Underlying Biology: Functional Analysis of Multivariant Gene Classifiers (Gene Signatures) in the MAQCII Project
Chapter 10: Discovering Knowledge in Scientific Publications: Potential for Supporting Personalized Medicine Decisions
Chapter 11: Systems Mapping: A Computational Tool for Personalized Medicine
Chapter 12: From the Intersection of Pharmacology, Imaging, and Genetics to the Advancement of Personalized Medicine
Chapter 13: Drug Response Heterogeneity and the Genetic Variability of Cytochrome P450–Metabolizing Enzymes
Chapter 14: Molecular Biomarkers for Personalized Medicine
Chapter 15: Methodology to Enable Integration of Genomic Knowledge into Drug Development
Chapter 16: Framework, Organization, and Applications of the Simcyp Population-Based Simulator to Support New Drug Development
Chapter 17: Knowledge-Based Approaches in Pharmacovigilance: Lessons and Prospects for Personalized Medicine
Chapter 18: Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Practice
Chapter 19: Pharmacogenomics: Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues
Chapter 20: Pharmacogenomics: Advancing Evidence-Based Personalized Medicine
Chapter 21: Advancement of Pharmacogenomics toward Pharmacotyping in Drug Prescription: Concepts, Challenges, and Perspectives for Personalized Medicine
Chapter 22: Implementation of Pharmacogenetics in Evidence-Based Medicine: Toward Advancing Personalized Medicine
Chapter 23: Pharmacodynamics- and Pharmacogenetics-Guided Antiplatelet Therapy
Chapter 24: Personalized Prognosis, Diagnosis, and Therapy of Metabolic Diseases: Targets and Strategies
Chapter 25: Toward Personalizing Stem Cell Therapeutic Potential: Challenges and Opportunities for Regenerative Medicine
Chapter 26: Application of Population Pharmacokinetics for the Individualization of Drug Dosage Regimens
Chapter 27: Pharmacogenomics and Clinical Assessment of Drug-Induced Hepatotoxicity toward Improving Clinical Outcomes
Chapter 28: Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative: Exploring the Utility of Personalized Medicine
Chapter 29: Information-Based Medicine to Enable Better Diagnostic and Treatment Decisions in Routine Health Care
Chapter 30: Electronic Decision Support Systems for Prescribing: Challenges and Perspectives for Personalized Medicine

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