Handbook of Truly Concurrent Process Algebra Front Cover

Handbook of Truly Concurrent Process Algebra


Handbook of Truly Concurrent Process Algebra provides readers with a detailed and in-depth explanation of the algebra used for concurrent computing. This complete handbook is divided into five Parts: Algebraic Theory for Reversible Computing, Probabilistic Process Algebra for True Concurrency, Actors – A Process Algebra-Based Approach, Secure Process Algebra, and Verification of Patterns. The author demonstrates actor models which are captured using the following characteristics: Concurrency, Asynchrony, Uniqueness, Concentration, Communication Dependency, Abstraction, and Persistence. Every pattern is detailed according to a regular format to be understood and utilized easily, which includes introduction to a pattern and its verifications. Patterns of the vertical domains are also provided, including the domains of networked objects and resource management. To help readers develop and implement the software patterns scientifically, the pattern languages are also presented.

Presents all aspects of full algebraic reversible computing, including the basis of semantics, calculi for full reversible computing, and axiomatization for full reversible computing

Introduces algebraic properties and laws for probabilistic computing, one of the foundational concepts of Computer Science

Presents the calculi for probabilistic computing, including the basis of semantics and calculi for reversible computing

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