Hands On HTML and CSS Beginner Guide Front Cover

Hands On HTML and CSS Beginner Guide

  • Length: 136 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2024-06-04
  • ISBN-10: B0D15CGXVV

Welcome to the HTML & CSS Beginner Guide. I am Tarun, your instructor throughout this whole book.

In this book, I hope to teach you the basics to get you started with HTML and CSS. I start by teaching about different HTML elements like paragraphs and buttons and go on to teach you some advanced CSS concepts like and CSS Display Property. Throughout this book, I teach concepts in a step-by-step manner and each concept has its own set of challenge exercises to make sure you master the skills. I have used unique and interesting example problems to teach you specific HTML and CSS properties. We will also be building two side- projects along the way.
This book was meant for beginner learners. I have made sure to write this book thinking from the reader’s shoes, so you don’t need any beforehand knowledge of coding to learn any of these concepts. All that you need from setting up VS Code to downloading different extensions are listed out in this book, so you do need to google or watch other videos to solve any technical issues.

HTML and CSS are the foundations of front end development and I have tried my very best to make that a great experience for you.

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