How to Analyze People with Dark Psychology: 3 Books in 1 Front Cover

How to Analyze People with Dark Psychology: 3 Books in 1


Have you ever wanted to know what a person really thinks of you?
Have you ever wondered why politicians, speakers and performers get everything they want?
Are you tired of being made fun of by the first person who passes by because you are unable to read their intentions?

If you ask yourself these questions, the answer is: The Art of Analyze People with Dark Psychology.

This manual provides a cutting-edge distillation of the techniques developed over the centuries by politicians, advertisers, criminals and other masters of their own universe.  When applied, they can help you analyse anyone. This will allow you to connect with any personality type you want, forging friendships and social bonds that will last a lifetime!

With this collection 3 Books in 1 you will learn:

  • Dark Psychology – can be seen as the study of the human condition, in relation to the psychological nature of the many different types of people who prey on others. The concept of prey does not always mean that an individual is harmed, but a branch of dark psychology is entirely devoted to this.
  • How to Analyze People -The non-verbal component constitutes over 65% of overall communication.  It is an indispensable skill in any situation or social class.
    As you have probably already experienced in life the risk of misinterpreting the body language of others, or of sending incorrect and incongruent messages, is very high and can cause a lot of misunderstanding. Unlike other books, this manual offers a practical and profound knowledge of non-verbal communication with a modern approach, free from the mania of wanting to ‘scam’ others and interpret everything simplistically.
  • Psychological warfare – has existed since the beginning of time. Ancient documents such as The Art of War by Sun Tzu or historical people such as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Niccolò Machiavelli are examples of people who understood the timelessness of military and psychological strategies.With the progress of time, up to the present day, the art of war has become increasingly subtle and difficult to identify.

Like it or not, there will always be people out there who will try to hurt you or try to use you for their own pleasure or benefit.

Reading people quickly, deciphering body language, detecting lies and understanding human nature is the best gift you can give yourself in order to improve any area of your life. Start reading people like a book today!

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