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HTML5 Boilerplate Web Development

  • Length: 174 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2012-09-15
  • ISBN-10: 1849518505
  • ISBN-13: 9781849518505
  • Sales Rank: #6553129 (See Top 100 Books)

Master Web Development with a robust set of templates to get your projects done quickly and effectively


  • Master HTML5 Boilerplate as starting templates for future projects
  • Learn how to optimize your workflow with HTML5 Boilerplate templates and set up servers optimized for performance
  • Learn to feature-detect and serve appropriate styles and scripts across browser types

In Detail

HTML5 Boilerplate is the number one choice for many web developers to get their projects going. It provides a comprehensive set of starting templates to get your developments going, ensuring you don’t forget any important elements of a typical web project while also ensuring you are writing quality code and mark up. Learning how to use this framework of page and code templates will allow you to kick-start your projects quickly without losing out on quality.

“HTML5 Boilerplate Web Development” will enable you to build new projects effectively with minimal effort. HTML5 Boilerplate allows you to deploy quality websites successfully and quickly while also ensuring robust cross-browser performance. It takes you through the step-by-step process of creating a website and teaches you to take full advantage of the html layouts provided within HTML5 Boilerplate; be it styles, mark up, or code so you can accomplish your goals.

This book will guide you through the process of building a music festival website, as an applicable example, using HTML5 Boilerplate. You will install, set up HTML5 Boilerplate and deploy production sites.

First, we will look at how to install HTML5 Boilerplate so you can use it repeatedly to jumpstart your projects, then we will look at structuring your website using the base files. We will use Modernizr and feature detection to dynamically serve different styles and scripts based on support of certain features. We will discover how to best configure our server to provide high performance and security for our website. Finally, we employ the Build Tool to combine files, remove comments and make the site ready for production use.

“HTML5 Boilerplate Web Development” offers a well-rounded tutorial in expert web development; not just a starting place for web projects. It develops code snippets, links to further resources for and in addition to makes you understand the nuances of HTML5 Boilerplate.

What you will learn from this book

  • Master the internals of HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Write code using feature detection that will work in all browsers while providing alternate experiences where necessary
  • Use a build tool to minimize the cost of deploying your project to production
  • Maintain good page performance of web pages in your project by choosing the best server defaults
  • Write end-to-end web projects that are robust and work across browsers by default
  • Learn how to use HTML5 Boilerplate with CMSs and other language frameworks; such as WordPress, Django, and more.
  • Find ways to debug easily and methods of asking for help so you receive quick responses


“HTML5 Boilerplate Web Development” is a practical guide rich with information on getting the best out of the boilerplate. Readers follow the expert author through a project of building a music festival site; the tutorials and lessons learned are easily applicable to any website project.

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