Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications, Volume 1 Front Cover

Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications, Volume 1

  • Length: 753 pages
  • Edition: 1st ed. 2016
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2016-03-01
  • ISBN-10: 8132227530
  • ISBN-13: 9788132227533

The third international conference on INformation Systems Design and Intelligent Applications (INDIA – 2016) held in Visakhapatnam, India during January 8-9, 2016. The book covers all aspects of information system design, computer science and technology, general sciences, and educational research. Upon a double blind review process, a number of high quality papers are selected and collected in the book, which is composed of three different volumes, and covers a variety of topics, including natural language processing, artificial intelligence, security and privacy, communications, wireless and sensor networks, microelectronics, circuit and systems, machine learning, soft computing, mobile computing and applications, cloud computing, software engineering, graphics and image processing, rural engineering, e-commerce, e-governance, business computing, molecular computing, nano-computing, chemical computing, intelligent computing for GIS and remote sensing, bio-informatics and bio-computing. These fields are not only limited to computer researchers but also include mathematics, chemistry, biology, bio-chemistry, engineering, statistics, and all others in which computer techniques may assist.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Study And Analysis Of Subthreshold Leakage Current In Sub-65 Nm Nmosfet
Chapter 2 Implementations Of Secure Reconfigurable Cryptoprocessor A Survey
Chapter 3 Mitigating And Patching System Vulnerabilities Using Ansible: A Comparative Study Of Various Configuration Management Tools For Iaas Cloud
Chapter 4 Adaptive Fractal Image Compression Based On Adaptive Thresholding In Dct Domain
Chapter 5 Improved Resource Exploitation By Combining Hadoop Map Reduce Framework With Virtualbox
Chapter 6 Density Based Outlier Detection Technique
Chapter 7 Systematic Evaluation Of Seed Germination Models: A Comparative Analysis
Chapter 8 Business Modeling Using Agile
Chapter 9 An Efficient Hybrid Encryption Technique Based On Des And Rsa For Textual Data
Chapter 10 Application Of Machine Learning On Process Metrics For Defect Prediction In Mobile Application
Chapter 11 Automatic Insurance And Pollution Challan Generator System In India
Chapter 12 Effectively Implementation Of Knn-Search On Multidimensional Data Using Quadtree
Chapter 13 Edge Detectors Based Telegraph Total Variational Model For Image Filtering
Chapter 14 Cloud Based K-Means Clustering Running As A Mapreduce Job For Big Data Healthcare Analytics Using Apache Mahout
Chapter 15 Symbolic Decision Tree For Interval Data—An Approach Towards Predictive Streaming And Rendering Of 3D Models
Chapter 16 Predictive 3D Content Streaming Based On Decision Tree Classifier Approach
Chapter 17 Quantitative Characterization Of Radiographic Weld Defect Based On The Ground Truth Radiographs Made On A Stainless Steel Plates
Chapter 18 Research And Topology Of Shunt Active Filters For Quality Of Power
Chapter 19 Development Of 3D High Definition Endoscope System
Chapter 20 Excel Solver For Deterministic Inventory Model: Insolver
Chapter 21 Dsl Approach For Development Of Gaming Applications
Chapter 22 Digital Forensic Architecture For Cloud Computing Systems: Methods Of Evidence Identification, Segregation, Collection And Partial Analysis
Chapter 23 Brushing—An Algorithm For Data Deduplication
Chapter 24 A New Approach For Integrating Social Data Into Groups Of Interest
Chapter 25 Estimation Of Shape Parameter Of The Radial Distribution Of Cosmic Ray Shower Particles
Chapter 26 Network Security In Big Data: Tools And Techniques
Chapter 27 Design Of Ripple Carry Adder Using 2-Dimensional 2-Dot 1-Electron Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata
Chapter 28 Advanced Congestion Control Techniques For Manet
Chapter 29 A Method Of Baseline Correction For Offline Handwritten Telugu Text Lines
Chapter 30 A Technique For Prevention Of Derailing And Collision Of Trains In India
Chapter 31 Temporal Scintimetric Characterization Of Skeletal Hotspots In Bone Scan By Dr. V. Siva’S Retention Ratio
Chapter 32 Executing Hive Queries On 3-Node Cluster And Aws Cluster—Comparative Analysis
Chapter 33 Performance Of Speaker Independent Language Identification System Under Various Noise Environments
Chapter 34 Multi-Level Fusion Of Palmprint And Dorsal Hand Vein
Chapter 35 A Comparative Study On Multi-View Discriminant Analysis And Source Domain Dictionary Based Face Recognition
Chapter 36 Mining Maximal Efficient Closed Itemsets Without Any Redundancy
Chapter 37 An Interactive Freehand Roi Tool For Thyroid Uptake Studies Using Gamma Camera
Chapter 38 Literature Survey On Intrusion Detection Systems In Manets
Chapter 39 Apply Of Sum Of Difference Method To Predict Placement Of Students’ Using Educational Data Mining
Chapter 40 Robust Color Image Multi-Thresholding Using Between-Class Variance And Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Chapter 41 Social Media: A Review
Chapter 42 Bayesian-Fuzzy Gis Overlay To Construe Congestion Dynamics
Chapter 43 A Hybrid Clustering Technique To Improve Big Data Accessibility Based On Machine Learning Approaches
Chapter 44 Efficient Iceberg Query Evaluation In Distributed Databases By Developing Deferred Strategies
Chapter 45 Unique Identifier System Using Aneka Platform
Chapter 46 A Novel Graphical Password Authentication Mechanism For Cloud Services
Chapter 47 A Conceptual Framework For Big Data Implementation To Handle Large Volume Of Complex Data
Chapter 48 Path Reliability In Automated Test Case Generation Process
Chapter 49 A Study On Wii Remote Application As Tangible User Interface In Elementary Classroom Teaching
Chapter 50 Enhanced Understanding Of Education Content Using 3D Depth Vision
Chapter 51 Ahp-Based Ranking Of Cloud-Service Providers
Chapter 52 Hardware Prototyping For Enhanced Resilient Onboard Navigation Unit
Chapter 53 Web Data Analysis Using Negative Association Rule Mining
Chapter 54 Cloud Based Thermal Management System Design And Its Analysis
Chapter 55 Icc Cricket World Cup Prediction Model
Chapter 56 Towards Distributed Solution To The State Explosion Problem
Chapter 57 Real Time Bus Monitoring System
Chapter 58 High Performance Dft Architectures Using Winograd Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm
Chapter 59 Dynamic Voltage Restorer Based On Neural Network And Particle Swarm Optimization For Voltage Mitigation
Chapter 60 Analysis Of Norms In Adaptive Algorithm On Application Of System Identification
Chapter 61 Skt: A New Approach For Secure Key Transmission Using Mgpisxfs
Chapter 62 A Comparative Study Of Different Approaches For The Speaker Recognition
Chapter 63 A Time Efficient Leaf Rust Disease Detection Technique Of Wheat Leaf Images Using Pearson Correlation Coefficient And Rough Fuzzy C-Means
Chapter 64 Task Scheduling Algorithms With Multiple Factor In Cloud Computing Environment
Chapter 65 The State Of The Art In Software Reliability Prediction: Software Metrics And Fuzzy Logic Perspective
Chapter 66 An Indexed Approach For Multiple Data Storage In Cloud
Chapter 67 Design New Biorthogonal Wavelet Filter For Extraction Of Blood Vessels And Calculate The Statistical Features
Chapter 68 Demand Side Management Using Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm
Chapter 69 An Optimized Cluster Based Routing Technique In Vanet For Next Generation Network
Chapter 70 Agrokanti: Location-Aware Decision Support System For Forecasting Of Pests And Diseases In Grapes
Chapter 71 A Unified Modeling Language Model For Occurrence And Resolving Of Cyber Crime
Chapter 72 Cross Lingual Information Retrieval (Clir): Review Of Tools, Challenges And Translation Approaches
Chapter 73 Minimizing The Cost Of Losses Due To Cyber Attack Through B. B. (Branch And Bound) Technique
Chapter 74 Denoising Knee Joint Vibration Signals Using Variational Mode Decomposition
Chapter 75 Data Size Reduction And Maximization Of The Network Lifetime Over Wireless Sensor Network

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