Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications, Volume 2 Front Cover

Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications, Volume 2

  • Length: 767 pages
  • Edition: 1st ed. 2016
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2016-05-22
  • ISBN-10: 8132227506
  • ISBN-13: 9788132227502

The third international conference on INformation Systems Design and Intelligent Applications (INDIA – 2016) held in Visakhapatnam, India during January 8-9, 2016. The book covers all aspects of information system design, computer science and technology, general sciences, and educational research. Upon a double blind review process, a number of high quality papers are selected and collected in the book, which is composed of three different volumes, and covers a variety of topics, including natural language processing, artificial intelligence, security and privacy, communications, wireless and sensor networks, microelectronics, circuit and systems, machine learning, soft computing, mobile computing and applications, cloud computing, software engineering, graphics and image processing, rural engineering, e-commerce, e-governance, business computing, molecular computing, nano-computing, chemical computing, intelligent computing for GIS and remote sensing, bio-informatics and bio-computing. These fields are not only limited to computer researchers but also include mathematics, chemistry, biology, bio-chemistry, engineering, statistics, and all others in which computer techniques may assist.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 A Short Run Length Descriptor For Image Retrieval
Chapter 2 A New Curvelet Based Blind Semi-Fragile Watermarking Scheme For Authentication And Tamper Detection Of Digital Images
Chapter 3 Indexing Video By The Content
Chapter 4 Eidps: An Efficient Approach To Protect The Network And Intrusion Prevention
Chapter 5 Slot Utilization And Performance Improvement In Hadoop Cluster
Chapter 6 An Efficient Educational Data Mining Approach To Support E-Learning
Chapter 7 A Re-Ranking Approach Personalized Web Search Results By Using Privacy Protection
Chapter 8 An Efficient Virtualization Server Infrastructure For E-Schools Of India
Chapter 9 A Novel Approach For Horizontal Privacy Preserving Data Mining
Chapter 10 Randomized Cryptosystem Based On Linear Transformation
Chapter 11 Literature Survey To Improve Image Retrieval Efficiency By Visual Attention Model
Chapter 12 Substrate Integrated Waveguide Based 4-Port Crossover For Beam-Forming Applications
Chapter 13 Computational Model Of Pixel Wise Temperature Prediction For Liver Tumor By High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Ablations
Chapter 14 Implementation Of Server Load Balancing In Software Defined Networking
Chapter 15 Building Stateful Firewall Over Software Defined Networking
Chapter 16 A Proposed Framework To Adopt Mobile App In `E-District’ Projects To Move One Step Ahead For Successful Implementation
Chapter 17 A Semantic Framework To Standardize Cloud Adoption Process
Chapter 18 Analysis Of Efficiency Of Classification And Prediction Algorithms (Knn) For Breast Cancer Dataset
Chapter 19 A Novel Genetic Algorithm And Particle Swarm Optimization For Data Clustering
Chapter 20 Design Issues Of Big Data Parallelisms
Chapter 21 Revised Eclat Algorithm For Frequent Itemset Mining
Chapter 22 User-Interface Design Framework For E-Learning Through Mobile Devices
Chapter 23 Application Of Three Different Artificial Neural Network Architectures For Voice Conversion
Chapter 24 Foreground Background Segmentation For Video Processing Through Dynamic Hand Gestures
Chapter 25 Load Encroachment Detection Algorithm For Digital Signal Processor Based Numerical Relay
Chapter 26 K-Nearest Neighbor And Boundary Cutting Algorithm For Intrusion Detection System
Chapter 27 Analysis Of Electromagnetic Radiation From Cellular Networks Considering Geographical Distance And Height Of The Antenna
Chapter 28 Revitalizing Vanet Communication Using Bluetooth Devices
Chapter 29 Virtual Manipulation: An On-Screen Interactive Visual Design For Science Learning
Chapter 30 Bundle Block Detection Using Genetic Neural Network
Chapter 31 Tools For Data Visualization In Business Intelligence: Case Study Using The Tool Qlikview
Chapter 32 Application Of Support Vector Machines For Fast And Accurate Contingency Ranking In Large Power System
Chapter 33 A Novel Circular Monopole Fractal Antenna For Bluetooth And Uwb Applications With Subsequent Increase In Gain Using Frequency Selective Surfaces
Chapter 34 Application Of Clustering For Improving Search Result Of A Website
Chapter 35 Performance Evaluation Of Basic Selfish Node Detection Strategy On Delay Tolerant Networking Routing Protocols
Chapter 36 Dynamic Texture Recognition: A Review
Chapter 37 Performance Analysis Of Fully Depleted Ultra Thin-Body (Fd Utb) Soi Mosfet Based Cmos Inverter Circuit For Low Power Digital Applications
Chapter 38 Mathematical Vector Quantity Modulated Three Phase Four Leg Inverter
Chapter 39 21St C New Technologies A Pathway To Inclusive And Sustainable Growth
Chapter 40 Dual Image Based Reversible Data Hiding Scheme Using Three Pixel Value Difference Expansion
Chapter 41 Design Of Adaptive Filter Using Vedic Multiplier For Low Power
Chapter 42 Issues And Approaches To Design Of A Range Image Face Database
Chapter 43 A Secure Homomorphic Routing Technique In Wireless Mesh Network (Hrt For Wmn)
Chapter 44 Fuzzy Based Fault Location Estimation During Unearthed Open Conductor Faults In Double Circuit Transmission Line
Chapter 45 Optimization In Round Robin Process Scheduling Algorithm
Chapter 46 Frequency Dependent Lumped Model Of Twin Band Mimo Antenna
Chapter 47 A Novel Framework For Integrating Data Mining Techniques To Software Development Phases
Chapter 48 Survey Of Improved K-Means Clustering Algorithms: Improvements, Shortcomings And Scope For Further Enhancement And Scalability
Chapter 49 Attack Identification Framework For Iot Devices
Chapter 50 Compact Coalescence Clustering Algorithm (C3A)—A Gis Anchored Approach Of Clustering Discrete Points
Chapter 51 Miniaturized Uwb Bpf With A Notch Band At 5.8 Ghz Using Cascaded Structure Of Highpass And Lowpass Filter
Chapter 52 Dual-Band Microstrip Fed Monopole Patch Antenna For Wimax And Wlan Applications
Chapter 53 Script Based Trilingual Handwritten Word Level Multiple Skew Estimation
Chapter 54 Deep Convolutional Neural Network Classifier For Handwritten Devanagari Character Recognition
Chapter 55 A Clustering-Based Generic Interaction Protocol For Multiagent Systems
Chapter 56 An Improved Content Based Medical Image Retrieval System Using Integrated Steerable Texture Components And User Interactive Feedback Method
Chapter 57 Improvement Of Stability By Optimal Location With Tuning Statcom Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Chapter 58 Identifying Crop Specific Named Entities From Agriculture Domain Using Semantic Vector
Chapter 59 Med-Hyrec: A Recommendation System For Medical Domain
Chapter 60 Statistical And Linguistic Knowledge Based Speech Recognition System: Language Acquisition Device For Machines
Chapter 61 Energy Stability In Cloud For Web Page Ranking
Chapter 62 Web Based System Design Using Session Relevancy
Chapter 63 Design Of Iot Based Architecture Using Real Time Data
Chapter 64 Performance Evaluation Of Classifier Combination Techniques For The Handwritten Devanagari Character Recognition
Chapter 65 An Improved Kuan Algorithm For Despeckling Of Sar Images
Chapter 66 Gsm Based Automated Detection Model For Improvised Explosive Devices
Chapter 67 Review On Video Watermarking Techniques In Spatial And Transform Domain
Chapter 68 Musical Noise Reduction Capability Of Various Speech Enhancement Algorithms
Chapter 69 Model With Cause And Effect For Manet (M-Cem)
Chapter 70 Parameters Quantification Of Genetic Algorithm
Chapter 71 Emotion Recognition: A Step Ahead Of Traditional Approaches
Chapter 72 Evaluation Of Genetic Algorithm’S Selection Methods
Chapter 73 An Amalgamated Strategy For Iris Recognition Employing Neural Network And Hamming Distance
Chapter 74 A Comparative Investigation Of Sample Versus Normal Map For Effective Bigdata Processing
Chapter 75 Big Data Management System For Personal Privacy Using Sw And Sdf

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