Intelligent Information and Database Systems: 10th Asian Conference, Part I Front Cover

Intelligent Information and Database Systems: 10th Asian Conference, Part I

  • Length: 721 pages
  • Edition: 1st ed. 2018
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2018-03-21
  • ISBN-10: 3319754165
  • ISBN-13: 9783319754161

The two-volume set LNAI 10751 and 10752 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 10th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems, ACIIDS 2018, held in Dong Hoi City, Vietnam, in March 2018.
The total of 133 full papers accepted for publication in these proceedings was carefully reviewed and selected from 423 submissions.
They were organized in topical sections named: Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web; Social Networks and Recommender Systems; Text Processing and Information Retrieval; Machine Learning and Data Mining; Decision Support and Control Systems; Computer Vision Techniques; Advanced Data Mining Techniques and Applications; Multiple Model Approach to Machine Learning; Sensor Networks and Internet of Things; Intelligent Information Systems; Data Structures Modeling for Knowledge Representation; Modeling, Storing, and Querying of Graph Data; Data Science and Computational Intelligence; Design Thinking Based R&D, Development Technique, and Project Based Learning; Intelligent and Contextual Systems; Intelligent Systems and Algorithms in Information Sciences; Intelligent Applications of Internet of Thing and Data Analysis Technologies; Intelligent Systems and Methods in Biomedicine; Intelligent Biomarkers of Neurodegenerative Processes in Brain; Analysis of Image, Video and Motion Data in Life Sciences; Computational Imaging and Vision; Computer Vision and Robotics; Intelligent Computer Vision Systems and Applications; Intelligent Systems for Optimization of Logistics and Industrial Applications.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Solving Inconsistencies in Probabilistic Knowledge Bases via Inconsistency Measures
Chapter 2. The Assessing of Influence of Collective Intelligence on the Final Consensus Quality
Chapter 3. Design Pattern Ranking Based on the Design Pattern Intent Ontology
Chapter 4. Solving Query-Answering Problems with Constraints for Function Variables
Chapter 5. Heuristic Algorithms for 2-Optimality Consensus Determination
Chapter 6. A Memory-Efficient Algorithm with Level-Order Unary Degree Sequence for Forward Reasoning Engines
Chapter 7. Methodical Aspects of Knowledge Management in a Contemporary Company
Chapter 8. Fairness in Culturally Dependent Waiting Behavior: Cultural Influences on Social Communication in Simulated Crowds
Chapter 9. Differential Information Diffusion Model in Social Network
Chapter 10. Targeted Misinformation Blocking on Online Social Networks
Chapter 11. Conversation Strategy of a Chatbot for Interactive Recommendations
Chapter 12. Competitive Information Diffusion Model in Social Network with Negative Information Propagation
Chapter 13. Using Differential Evolution with a Simple Hybrid Feature for Personalized Recommendation
Chapter 14. Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis of Vietnamese Texts with Deep Learning
Chapter 15. Practice of Word Sense Disambiguation
Chapter 16. Most Frequent Errors in Digitization of Polish Ancient Manuscripts
Chapter 17. Using the Reddit Corpus for Cyberbully Detection
Chapter 18. A Positive-Unlabeled Learning Model for Extending a Vietnamese Petroleum Dictionary Based on Vietnamese Wikipedia Data
Chapter 19. A New Lifelong Topic Modeling Method and Its Application to Vietnamese Text Multi-label Classification
Chapter 20. An English-Vietnamese Translation System Using Artificial Intelligence Approach
Chapter 21. Classification of Bird Sounds Using Codebook Features
Chapter 22. A Degenerate Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Community Detection
Chapter 23. Multiple Function Approximation – A New Approach Using Complex Fuzzy Inference System
Chapter 24. Decision Tree Using Local Support Vector Regression for Large Datasets
Chapter 25. LR-SDiscr: An Efficient Algorithm for Supervised Discretization
Chapter 26. Path Histogram Distance for Rooted Labeled Caterpillars
Chapter 27. Deep 3D Convolutional Neural Network Architectures for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis
Chapter 28. Kernel and Acquisition Function Setup for Bayesian Optimization of Gradient Boosting Hyperparameters
Chapter 29. Low-Feature Extraction for Multi-label Patterns Analyzing in Complex Time Series Mining
Chapter 30. Analysis on Hybrid Dominance-Based Rough Set Parameterization Using Private Financial Initiative Unitary Charges Data
Chapter 31. Smart Lighting Control Architecture and Benefits
Chapter 32. The Adaptation of the Harmony Search Algorithm to the ATSP
Chapter 33. Algorithms for Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Drones
Chapter 34. A Local Search Heuristic for Solving the Maximum Dispersion Problem
Chapter 35. Using a Multi-agent System for Overcoming Flickering Effect in Distributed Large-Scale Customized Lighting Design
Chapter 36. The Optimal Control Problem with Fixed-End Trajectories for a Three-Sector Economic Model of a Cluster
Chapter 37. Knowledge Representation of Cognitive Agents Processing the Economy Events
Chapter 38. Collinearity Models in the Eigenvalue Problem
Chapter 39. The Shapley Value in Fuzzy Simple Cooperative Games
Chapter 40. A Constraint-Based Framework for Scheduling Problems
Chapter 41. A Reliable Image-to-Video Person Re-identification Based on Feature Fusion
Chapter 42. Video Classification Technology in a Knowledge-Vision-Integration Platform for Personal Protective Equipment Detection: An Evaluation
Chapter 43. Feature-Based Image Compression
Chapter 44. Scoring Photographic Rule of Thirds in a Large MIRFLICKR Dataset: A Showdown Between Machine Perception and Human Perception of Image Aesthetics
Chapter 45. Towards Robust Evaluation of Super-Resolution Satellite Image Reconstruction
Chapter 46. An Automated Deployment Scheme with Script-Based Development for Cloud Manufacturing Platforms
Chapter 47. A Parking Occupancy Prediction Approach Based on Spatial and Temporal Analysis
Chapter 48. An Approach for Diverse Group Stock Portfolio Optimization Using the Fuzzy Grouping Genetic Algorithm
Chapter 49. A Novel Approach for Option Trading Based on Kelly Criterion
Chapter 50. Music Recommendation Based on Information of User Profiles, Music Genres and User Ratings
Chapter 51. W-PathSim: Novel Approach of Weighted Similarity Measure in Content-Based Heterogeneous Information Networks by Applying LDA Topic Modeling
Chapter 52. Representative Rule Templates for Association Rules Satisfying Multiple Canonical Evaluation Criteria
Chapter 53. Depth Learning with Convolutional Neural Network for Leaves Classifier Based on Shape of Leaf Vein
Chapter 54. An Ensemble System with Random Projection and Dynamic Ensemble Selection
Chapter 55. A Weighted Object-Cluster Association-Based Ensemble Method for Clustering Undergraduate Students
Chapter 56. Automatic Image Region Annotation by Genetic Algorithm-Based Joint Classifier and Feature Selection in Ensemble System
Chapter 57. Implementing AI for Non-player Characters in 3D Video Games
Chapter 58. Comparison of Indoor Positioning System Using Wi-Fi and UWB
Chapter 59. A New Approach to Estimate Urban Air Temperature Using Smartphones
Chapter 60. Voice Recognition Software on Embedded Devices
Chapter 61. Design and Development of an Online Support System for Elder Care
Chapter 62. Is Higher Order Mutant Harder to Kill Than First Order Mutant? An Experimental Study
Chapter 63. Information Systems Development via Model Transformations
Chapter 64. A Simply Way for Chronic Disease Prediction and Detection Result Visualization
Chapter 65. An Improved and Tool-Supported Fuzzy Automata Framework to Analyze Heart Data
Chapter 66. Usability Testing of a Responsive Web System for a School for Disabled Children

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