Interpreting Engineering Drawings, 8th Edition Front Cover

Interpreting Engineering Drawings, 8th Edition


INTERPRETING ENGINEERING DRAWINGS, 8th EDITION offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art training that shows readers how to create professional-quality engineering drawings that can be interpreted with precision in today’s technology-based industries. This flexible, user-friendly textbook offers unsurpassed coverage of the theory and practical applications that you’ll need as readers communicate technical concepts in an international marketplace. All material is developed around the latest ASME drawing standards, helping readers keep pace with the dynamic changes in the field of engineering graphics.

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Introduction: Line Types and Sketching
Unit 2: Lettering and Title Blocks
Unit 3: Basic Geometry: Circles and Arcs
Unit 4: Working Drawings and Projection Theory
Unit 5: Introduction to Dimensioning
Unit 6: Normal, Inclined, and Oblique Surfaces
Unit 7: Pictorial Sketching
Unit 8: Machining Symbols and Revision Blocks
Unit 9: Chamfers, Undercuts, Tapers, and Knurls
Unit 10: Sectional Views
Unit 11: One-and Two-View Drawings
Unit 12: Surface Texture
Unit 13: Introduction to Conventional Tolerancing
Unit 14: Inch Fits
Unit 15: Metric Fits
Unit 16: Threads and Fasteners
Unit 17: Auxiliary Views
Unit 18: Development Drawings
Unit 19: Selection and Arrangement of Views
Unit 20: Piping Drawings
Unit 21: Bearings
Unit 22: Manufacturing Materials
Unit 23: Casting Processes
Unit 24: Violating True Projection: Conventional Practices
Unit 25: Pin Fasteners
Unit 26: Drawings for Numerical Control
Unit 27: Assembly Drawings
Unit 28: Structural Steel
Unit 29: Welding Drawings
Unit 30: Groove Welds
Unit 31: Other Basic Welds
Unit 32: Spur Gears
Unit 33: Bevel Gears and Gear Trains
Unit 34: Cams
Unit 35: Bearings and Clutches
Unit 36: Ratchet Wheels
Unit 37: Introduction to Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Unit 38: Features and Material Condition Modifiers
Unit 39: Form Tolerances
Unit 40: The Datum Reference Frame
Unit 41: Orientation Tolerances
Unit 42: Datum Targets
Unit 43: Position Tolerances
Unit 44: Profile Tolerances
Unit 45: Runout Tolerances

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