Investing – Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Mutual Funds: QuickStudy Laminated Reference Guide Front Cover

Investing – Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Mutual Funds: QuickStudy Laminated Reference Guide


Use money to make more money and choose how you do it. Whether you are someone who can take risks, or security is your goal to protect your money while building it over time. The essential details of different options are packed into this six-page laminated guide. Guru and author Lita Epstein who recently published her 50th book on finance and investment gives you the need-to-know facts so concisely that you will learn more facts faster than you would from any book or website. This is the solid foundation of knowledge you need to start planning for the future. Whether you are not sure you should invest, your employer has a retirement investment option, or if you choose to hire a financial advisor – the terminology and the breakdown of risk versus security and reward is here and easy to read so you can choose stocks, bonds, real estate, or mutual funds. This kind of knowledge and advice is not a huge investment at this price, but the facts will pay off for years to come.
6 page laminated guide includes

Managing Your Investments
Understanding Risks & Rewards
Taking Your Investment Temperature
Getting to Know the Investing Landscape
Mutual Funds
Real Estate
Money Market Funds
Basics of Stock Investing
Researching & Picking Your Choices
Reading Stock Charts
Buying & Selling Stocks
Different Types of Stock Trading
Developing Your Portfolio
Knowing How & When to Use Bonds
Bond Characteristics
Bond Types
Buying & Selling Bonds
Laddering Your Portfolio
Basics of Mutual Fund Investing
Benefits of Mutual Fund Investing
Passively vs. Actively Managed Mutual Funds
Mutual Fund Types
Researching & Picking Mutual Funds
Creating a Mutual Fund Portfolio
Investing in Real Estate
Pros & Cons
Investing for College
College Savings & Investment Options
Pros & Cons
Investing Strategically
Asset Allocation
Market Timing vs. Buy & Hold
Portfolio Management

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