Java for Beginner’s Crash Course, 2nd Edition Front Cover

Java for Beginner’s Crash Course, 2nd Edition


Java Made Easy! What if you could get access to a simple structure and learn Javascript? Can you imagine the doors that will be open to you once you do? We are pretty sure you’ve seen the coffee mug logo with steam flowing above it. If you do not know yet, that logo symbolizes the famous programming language called JAVA – the most omnipresent of them all. JAVA is necessary to make programs and application work in your device. Without it, many things would not work. Why Should You Learn Java? 1. Understand the core concepts of this amazing programming language. 2. Take advantage of JAVA’s rich API (Application Programming Interface). 3. Create your own computer programs that will allow you to perform specific tasks. 4. Consider a business or career by building software programs. 5. Experience ease of learning with the book’s layout This book promises and delivers on providing you with a higher level quality of JAVA training. It holds numerous benefits for you and we, at Quick Start Guides, don’t want you to miss that! What Will You Learn in this Book? -Java Basic Syntax -Objects and Classes -Constructors -Java Package -Data Types In Java -Variables -Operators -And so much more! Do you want to gain full access to this tutorial? Read this book now to quickly learn Java and open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities!. Pick up your copy today so we can get started!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Java Overview
Chapter 2: Java Basic Syntax
Chapter 3: Objects And Classes
Chapter 4: Constructors
Chapter 5: Java Package
Chapter 6: Data Types In Java
Chapter 7: Variables
Chapter 8: Operators
Chapter 9: Conditionals
Chapter 10: Exceptions
Chapter 11: How to Install Java
Chapter 12: Writing Your First Java Program
Chapter 13: Java Functions

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