Java Web Application Details Front Cover

Java Web Application Details

  • Length: 1135 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2024-01-03
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This book takes the development of network message board as the main line to integrate the JavaWeb knowledge, complete knowledge modules, and gradually enable students to fully grasp the JavaWeb development technology through static web pages, dynamic web pages, system framework and project practice. Static web page article mainly explains HTML, CSS, DIV, JavaScript and other basic knowledge. Dynamic website in-depth explanation of Servlet, JSP, JavaBean, BC database connection, database connection pool and other Java Web development core technologies. The system framework article is based on the height of architecture design, explaining the three major frameworks to build a website Struts, Hibernate, Sprin9 and tag library. The project describes in detail the development details of three systems: general forum BBS, social networking site and DIY commodity electronic trading platform, so that readers can truly grasp the essence of JavaWeb development.

Static page text
Chapter 1 Development environment installation and configuration
Chapter 2 HTML and its applications
Chapter 3 CSS and its applications
Chapter 4: JavaScript and its Applications
Dynamic website
Chapter 5: Web program operation principle
Chapter 6 Servlets and their applications
Chapter 7 BC Database Connection
Chapter 8 Database connection pooling technology
Chapter 9: JSP and its applications
Chapter 10: Javabeans and their applications
System framework
Chapter 11 Struts framework and its applications

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