Lean DevOps: A Practical Guide to On Demand Service Delivery Front Cover

Lean DevOps: A Practical Guide to On Demand Service Delivery


Deliver Any Service Far More Effectively, Based on What Customers Really Want

As service stacks grow more complex, it becomes even tougher to deliver on-demand IT services that meet customers’ expectations for speed, consistency, reliability, security, privacy, and value. Layering on new cloud technologies, architectural approaches, or methodologies can aggravate the problem by widening the gap between what delivery teams think they’re delivering and what customers actually experience. In Lean DevOps, technical leader Robert Benefield helps you escape this spiral, reverse bad habits, and regain the situational awareness you need to deliver the right services in the right way.

Writing for delivery team members and their leaders, Benefield shows how to improve information flow throughout your organization, so you can move toward your customers’ target outcomes. He identifies problems arising from traditional approaches to managing teams, debunks excuses often used to prevent progress, and offers realistic recommendations for everything from requirements to incentives.

  • Understand key dynamics that impact service delivery, and avoid focusing on the wrong issues
  • Give your delivery teams stronger abilities to learn and improve
  • Improve team maturity and implement prerequisites for effective use of automation and AI/ML
  • Optimize key service delivery elements, from instrumentation to queue masters and cycles
  • Organize and manage workflows more effectively
  • Handle governance associated with internal controls and external legal/regulatory requirements
  • Leverage the power of Lean and Mission Command to accelerate innovation, empower subordinates, and drive the outcomes you want
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