Learn Apache Kafka (Big Data & Analytics) Front Cover

Learn Apache Kafka (Big Data & Analytics)

  • Length: 119 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2020-10-24
  • ISBN-10: B08LTLW28Y

Apache Kafka was originated at LinkedIn and later became an open-sourced Apache project in 2011, then First-class Apache project in 2012. Kafka is written in Scala and Java. Apache Kafka is a publish-subscribe based fault-tolerant messaging system. It is fast, scalable and distributed by design.

This book will explore the principles of Kafka, installation, operations and then it will walk you through with the deployment of Kafka cluster. Finally, we will conclude with real-time applications and integration with Big Data Technologies.

This book has been prepared for professionals aspiring to make a career in Big Data Analytics using Apache Kafka messaging system. It will give you enough understanding on how to use Kafka clusters.

Before proceeding with this book, you must have a good understanding of Java, Scala, Dis-tributed messaging system, and Linux environment.

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