Learn Javascript Quickly and Javascript Coding Exercises: Coding For Beginners Front Cover

Learn Javascript Quickly and Javascript Coding Exercises: Coding For Beginners

  • Length: 118 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2020-12-24
  • ISBN-10: B08RB3BHL2
  • Sales Rank: #831404 (See Top 100 Books)

This book contains JAVASCIPT BASICS AND JAVASCRIPT coding exercises for beginners. It’s useful Job interviews and college examinations.
This book only for absolute beginners.

Introduction to Javascript
Javascript: Hello world program
Javascript: Variables
Javascript: Statements
Javascript: comments
JavaScript: Types
Javascript: operators
Javascript: Arithmetic Operators
Javascript: Increment/decrement: ++, — operators
Javascript: Bitwise operators
JavaScript: Logical operators
JavaScript: Assignment operators
JavaScript: Compound Assignment operator
Javascript: Ternary operator
JavaScript: Working with boolean values
JavaScript: Decision Making: if, if-then
Javascript: if-else-if-else ladder
JavaScript: Decision making using switch statement
JavaScript: loops
JavaScript: do-while loop
JavaScript: for loop
JavaScript: break statement
JavaScript: continue statement
JavaScript: break in label form
JavaScript: for in loop
JavaScript: for-of loop
JavaScript: get the type of variable
JavaScript: Working with strings
JavaScript: Nested functions
JavaScript: Array
JavaScript: Introduction to Classes
JavaScript: Define class using class expressions
Display the current day and time
Print the contents
Display the current date
Find the area of a triangle
Check whether a given year is a leap year
Calculate multiplication and division
Convert temperatures
Find the largest
Reverse a given string
Replace every character
Capitalize The First Letter
Convert number to hours and minutes
Count vowels in a given string
Create a new string
Concatenate two strings
Move last three character
Compute the sum
Add two digits
Check whether a given year is a leap
Check given positive number
Check a string starts with ‘Java’
Check two given integer values
Find a value which is nearest to 100

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