Learn Mobile Game Development in One Day Using Gamesalad Front Cover

Learn Mobile Game Development in One Day Using Gamesalad


Learn Mobile Game Development in One Day Using Gamesalad is for anyone who wants to learn how to create their own video games for desktop and mobile devices. While this is an introductory book that assumes you have no previous game development experience, you’ll find that once you have completed all of the chapters and exercises, you’ll be able to create your own amazing video games from scratch.

The book is meant to be used as a learning tool, it’s filled with over 35 hands-on exercises and four chapters dedicated to learning how to make four different game types. Once you have completed the book you will already have four mobile ready games created and ready to be customized and published to the Apple App Store!

In This Book You Will Learn:

  • What game development is
  • What some of the requirements for a successful game are
  • What Gamesalad is
  • How to create game scenes and levels
  • To create images and animations
  • How to design a game and its rules
  • How to incorporate music and sound effects
  • To create amazing particle effects
  • How to add physical properties to the game’s actors
  • To create a clean, informative graphical user interface
  • How to publish games to the Apple App Store
  • Much More!

Gamesalad Creator is a modern 2D game development kit (GDK). Over 750,000 developers in 189 countries around the world use it and it has been used to make 70 of the top 100 games in the U.S. Apple App Store.

One of the highlights of Gamesalad is that you DO NOT need to learn how to write traditional computer programming code to make your games. Gamesalad offers a simple, yet full-featured, drag and drop interface that lets you build commercial-quality games much quicker than learning traditional programming. Once you are familiar with Gamesalad, you will be able to prototype a game in a few days and complete the entire project in as little as a few weeks instead of the typical months or years it could take to develop a game with another GDK.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Game Developmen
Chapter 2: The Scenes Tab and the Stage
Chapter 3: Game Objects and Gamesalad’s Co
Chapter 4: Actors and Their Attributes
Chapter 5: Game 1–Pachinko/Plinko
Chapter 6: Attributes
Chapter 7: Graphics and Artwork
Chapter 8: Behaviors Part 1
Chapter 9: Behaviors Part 2
Chapter 10: Player Input
Chapter 11: Game 2 – Space Shooter
Chapter 12: Audio
Chapter 13: The Expression Editor
Chapter 14: Collisions and Physics
Chapter 15: Camera Control and Graphical U
Chapter 16: Game 3 – Box Breaker
Chapter 17: Animation and Particles
Chapter 18: Tables
Chapter 19: Game Polish
Chapter 20: Game 4—Geometry Runner
Chapter 21: Mobile Development
Chapter 22: Publishing
Chapter 23: Improving The Games
Chapter 24: Review and Resources

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